Friday, September 05, 2008

Happy Merdeka in Singapore

GUESS what? During the four days break of the Merdeka weekend, bunch (Tiong, Chiou Yann, Han Chee, Hui San and Yee Wei) of us went to Singapore. That's the closest place we could go and have fun. Cuz JB is way to dangerous to hang out. Everywhere is crime wtf.

(i'm addicted typing wtf nowadays. kena virus by suet li. wtf wtf)

They left there on Saturday morning while I went a bit later cuz I had studio meeting at noon. So we agreed to meet at Yishun MRT station at 5pm.

Since we had plan on that night therefore I didn't go to my aunt's place which I normally do when I go over to Singapore. This time all of us were staying in one of our senior's house in Yishun.

I reached the station around two something and it was raining quite heavily. I was thinking of wandering around there until five. However the moment I came up on the escalator I bumped into our senior Tee Yau whom we were supposed to meet later. He just got back from his work.

So I follow him back to his place. The house that he is currently staying with two other friends is quite big I must say. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms. He said that the rent for the house is S$2000 monthly. That's is around S$700 per person for every month. O_o

If I am to do my pratical training in Singapore next time, I think I'll will stay in my aunt's place if she allows. The place is nearer to the city and moreover her son (my eldest cousin) has just bought a house outside last month.

I was taking my nap at the living hall when the rest of them arrived. Tee Yau already dozed off into his slumberland. Too tired I guess.

The six of them went to Bugis and they rewarded themselves with many things. Yee Wei bought clothes from top to bottom, Chiou Yann got an old school watch and Tiong got THREE hats!!!

*update* Hui San bought a new cute dress too.

Bugis is really a suitable shopping spot for Malaysians. ;)

Anyway, we took a short rest and shower before getting ready for that night's party. Yeah yeah!

So here are some photos while they were getting ready:
Make up session
My course mates enjoy that
Camwhore first
Senior and juniors
The model
And the model wannabe
Lastly, a group photo

Off we went to the party. Will blog about it soon! =)

Selamat Belated Merdeka !!
Bunch of traitor

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