Sunday, September 21, 2008


TODAY my roommate and I have wasted the whole day. We were supposed to do our measured drawings and I was planning to wash my clothes but we ended up playing computer game for the whole afternoon. From the moment we woke up (which was about noon already) until dinner time, what we did was looking at our laptop screens, clicking the mouse and navigating the creatures in the game.

This game is called SPORE. Wei Chin was the one who introduced it to us. At the moment, all the guys, Steven, Lim, Jim including Choon Wah and I are addicted to it. =p
This game was released about two weeks ago and developed by Maxis (The Sims, SimCity, SimPark, SimTower, SimEarth, SimCoaster etc) where most of its games are simulation-based. You know, create stuff, buy new things, develop places, and build more.
A meteor plummets towards a planet and that's how everything begins. There are different phases in this game starting from a single sell to creature, tribal, civilization and finally the space. From here you could see how a tiny single cell  evolves into a complicated organism. I like how it shows our game progress by putting it in the timeline view.

In short, this game is like a combination of Feeding Frenzy, The Sim, SimCity, ermm DotA, Age of the Empire, Red Alert and some space simulation game. Wei Chin added that it also has a bit of the SketchUp features where we can add and customize our own creatures, buildings and vehicles.

Here's a short clip I captured during my gameplay. Take a look at it!

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Kenny Choo said...

I bought the cd two weeks ago... but cant install.... ishhh