Wednesday, September 17, 2008

LSH: The Unexpected Guest

[This is a scheduled post]

The Unexpected Guest
(from episode 3)

Hyun-Woo is taking his own sweet bath in the house when suddenly...
...Soo-In enters the bathroom.
Obviously he looks very surprise to see her.
And so does her.
Looking at him in such embarrassing moment.
So she quickly left the room. It was Hyun-Woo's house mate, Alex Hong who brought her into the bathroom earlier. He wants to show her around the house.
Hyun-Woo comes out for a while
He has no choice but to sign the agreement.
Soo-In offers a handshake to him.
And that is his response.

Next: 'First Kiss'. I guess it will be the last as well. Haha cuz I am starting to feel lazy. Furthermore need to concentrate on my 'assignments' already. =)

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