Sunday, September 07, 2008

I *Heart* LSH

LATELY I have been watching korean drama 'Love Story in Harvard'. Although it's not my first time watching but I still enjoy it. The female lead is pretty, the story is nice and most importantly, I feel happy everytime I watch it. =)

Soo-In and Hyun Woo

My ideal girl - Kim Tae Hee is so so sooo sweet. I love is when she smile. So lovable until can melt. I'll date someone like her if I found one. Ahh, unfortunately the chance of doing so in UTM is very low. Love Story in UTM? Forget it lah. Hopeless in here. HOribBLY hopeLESs wtf wtf!


There are a few scenes in the show which I really enjoy, no matter for how many times I have watched.

kim tae hee kim tae hee kim tae hee kim tae heeee

Really really must watch k! I will snap some of the the interesting scene and post them here. Basically that's how I keep myself occupy during my free time lately.

Stay tuned for 'The motel scene'.

 Tonight at 9pm.

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