Wednesday, September 10, 2008

LSH: In the Library

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In the Library
(Episode 2)

Soo-In rides the bicycle to the library after she has nowhere to go.
Earlier, her roommate informed her that her boyfriend had just proposed to her and will be moving in to stay together. Therefore Soo-In will have to find a place to stay of her own. But still she congratulated her and said okay.

Stretching her head after some reading.

Suddenly Soo-In saw someone familiar.

Taking a closer look.

It is Hyun-Woo!

She comes to him who is concentrating on the book.

She moves closer.

However Hyun-Woo thought that she is an outsider who comes here to disturb around.

So she leaves.
And finds a seat nearby.

Sleep better.

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u guess who said...

heez seen to be a nice movie, =)) heard n c advertisement about it but never watch before, mayb i can try this up. u got it ma? can i copy from u? =))))

Jimmy said...

i guess u: yea i hav it. im watching it currently. sure..later copy to u la =)

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okie dokie =)

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Jimmy said...

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