Sunday, September 07, 2008

LSH: The Motel Scene

[This is a scheduled post]

Remember about the scenes from 'Love Story in Harvard' that I mentioned. Here is the first one. Enjoy!

The Motel Scene
(from Episode 1)

Soo-In is heading to the motel to look for her dad.
Meanwhile, Hyun-Woo is taking shower in his room. He just arrived at the United States not long ago.
He thought it was his friend and hurries to the door.
Soo-In entering the room without looking at him cuz she thinks that is her dad.
Confusion between each other.
Soo-In thinks for a while. It might be her fault.
She accidently knocks onto him while going out to door.
Hyun-Woo closes the door and then quickly look out of the window
And she is still there.
She gives him a wink.
And he returns her one.
That's how Soo-In and Hyun-Woo met for the first time.

Coming up next: 'In the Library' on this Wednesday (10th Sept 08) at 9pm.


s0hp0h said...

looks nice! aiya, dun make the drama-thon bug bite me again.. lots of assignments due soon.. really can die

Jimmy said...

hehe. there is always one word: 'control' =p