Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My SPOREments

YEAH, I am addicted! I am playing until the space chapter and I'm kinda stucked. I dunno know how to communicate with the alien via the radio call. Need help. By the way, the galaxy is really amazing. Everytime my spaceship flies across space I can see many many many planets and tiny little stars. Now I know how small we humans are in this universe.

Since I'm stucked on the space part I restart the game on the other planet. I still like it at the beginning where it is just a single-cell. The later part is more to strategy which I'm not very good at.

The game also has this function where we could snapshot (C key) and record (V key) what we are playing. Here's mine:
I'm the green thingy cell
Fat fish giving me a kind of look O.O
Then I turned into this 3 eyed cell
Chased by duno wat creature
Haha make love time

You can actually change and modify the creature using your own creativity. This must be one of my funniest creation. Haha XD
Look at those torny balls

With this, I end with some video captures of my gameplay. Enjoy!

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