Wednesday, September 10, 2008

KL *SOOKA* Sentral

DURING my mid-sem break on the last three weeks, there was this flash mob kind of thing going on in KL Sentral. And I went there to kepoh.
KL Sentral

The title of that flash mob was called Reading While Waiting and the objective of it was to encourage more people reading whenever they wait and also to make people more conscious of whenever they are about to go somewhere and know that some waiting will be involved, bring something to read.

There were already quite some people around the area, holding a book, waiting for the exact time at 3pm when I reached there.
I see a girl taking photo of me *perasan* =p

At first I wanted to join them but after seeing it is not as many people as I hoped it would be, I thought I just snapped around some photo and that's it. Feeling a bit weird although I enjoy doing stuff people don't usually do sometimes.
So I went explore outside KL Sentral and came upon this unique building, SOOKA Sentral. I dunno how they got the name SOOKA. Maybe it rhymes to suka or something. Suka Sentral? KL suka center?
Haha whatever. I have no idea.
SOOKA Sentral

Anyway, SOOKA Sentral looks like a tortoise shell from the outside and inside it is actually an eating heaven and place to relax. There are quite some restaurants and spa as well as massage centre but the place looks kinda deserted. Probably because it was still new and part of it was still under construction.

And it even has one floor which is called the ladies zone. Hmm, very curious about that.
Like tortoise right??

Things got a little funny. I took the escalator from the ground floor to the first floor and then to the second and third. When I wanted to go up higher there were no more escalators and the only way up was by taking the bubble lift at the atrium.
An artist impression of SOOKA I found online

Feeling curious of what was up there, I pressed the highest floor number once entered the glass lift, and it went straight up to the top. To my surprise the lift brought me to the entrance of a gym & fitness club. When I say entrance it means IN FRONT of the counter wei! The counter was just right in front of the lift. Very sudden and scary wtf!

The two staff at the counter bar looked at me and gave me some look like
"Hey what is this fella holding a plastic bag doing up here?"

I could just smiled back at them, pressed the button and went back down again but I didn't. Since I came all my way up here I thought I should go look around. So I walked to the counter and asked for the rates for joining the club blablabla pretending that I was interested.

First, the guy introduced himself and later on showed me around the place and explained about the membership fee.

We didn’t chat much cuz he probably I knew I wasn’t keen on joining and probably I was just another guy who stumbled across the place. That’s what I thought.

But one thing about this heath club, it has a rock climbing sculpture and would be the first of its kind to provide such facilities in Malaysia.

So people, contact SynarGym if interested.

Have a nice Wednesday. =)

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