Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Clubbing @ St. James

THIS is quite a delayed post but I'm still gonna post it. Because this is a special one.

First time clubbing in Singapore! XD

On the night of Merdeka's eve, my course mates and I went to Singapore. Yup, we went there to celebrate so that we don't have to be with the crowds for the countdown. What a stupid excuse I know. 

We went to St James Power Station which is just a walking distance away from VivoCity. It used to be the country's first coal-fired power station and now it has been beautifully renovated into a live music entertainment destination.
Inside St James there are nine outlets where each of them has its own theme, fromworld music and jazz to contemporary dance and mando-pop. The nine outlets are Bellini Room, Dragonfly, Gallery Bar, Mono, Movida, Peppermint Park, Power House, The Boiler Room and The Lobby.

As most of the outlets have an age limit of 23 for guys. Poor me and Tiong were only allowed the enter Power House and The Boiler Room. As for the girls, all are accessible. Hey, not fair lah!

The interior of St James has some unique architecture features. Such as:
The I-beam

Wire Mesh

BOILER *hot hot*

We entered the place at 10pm, which was still quite early. The reason we went in early is because that the charge would be low if we enter before ten. I only paid S$20 (plus a drink) but too bad I couldn't manage to visit all the nine outlets.

The DJ area. It was still early at that time as you can see the dance floor was quite empty.
Hmm, what was this already?

Yee Wei and Tiong
Tee Yau's ex-school mate, Tien Tien
Tee Yau and the girls

Since we were some of the early ones, we wandered around the place and took some photos. There were tables that were already booked by customers and guess what?? At one of the table we saw the name PIERRE PNG. (Remember, the actor from Phua Chu Kang and The Eye? And also the husband who donated half of his liver to his lover wife?) All of us were hoping to take a photo with him when he arrived later but...he didn't turn up the whole night.

Damn nice. Like Death Star.

Lights from pillar
Water pipes in case of emergency

Han Chee, San, TT and me

Tiong, Yee Wei and San

Chiou Yann syoking herself


What's with that look??

One thing I like about clubbing in Singapore is that nobody is allowed to smoke inside the club. So there won't be any cigarette smell on the clothes and hair after we left the place. The way the Singaporean government works is actually to mold healthy lifestyle into their citizen's life. They banned smoking in public areas such as restaurant, pubs, cafes etc (Oops..that was for my english subject) =p


This is where they smoke, outside
Not drunk

I like the cranes and containers behind. It is actually a ship port at the back

Tee Yau becoming Superman (at the back) already

It was until 3.30am and we decided to head back Yishun for McD breakfast. I enjoy having my breakfast there. They have what we don't have here in Malaysia.

Like this one:
The top and bottom are actually pancake. Yum~

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