Thursday, September 11, 2008


I just had my crit session with my studio lecturer on our project. The good news is that he didn't really change much of the design except for some extra elements to be added and removed. At least it still matches with my concept and the form is still pretty much maintained. Yay!
My original drawing

And to think of it, I never really had my designs altered in large scale since the 1st semester. Dr Rashid, ok and cool; Fawaz, anything also can as long it looks attractive; Kak Dash, proceed proceed; Ar Hong, didn't even care cuz we did our final project in like two weeks time.

Therefore I never really had the experience of my designs being banned before. Seeing Veelai, Ujang and Asrof's designs being scribbled all around by the lecturer two days ago when they had their crit session, feeling a bit worried actually.

But right now although I'm on the safeline, I still have to crack my head again to redesign certain part of it. Mr Ng doesn't want the carpark to locate in front of my art school. It spoils the view. Better I demolish *KABOOM* the abandon apartment beside to create a multistory parking.
After conteng by Mr Ng
(lucky I made a copy earlier =p)

Ok that's all I guess. Good night people! Sleep early and have a healthy liftstyle =)


Johnny Ong said...

an architect to be?

NicoleACY said...

Welcome to the world of Architecture. :)

Jimmy said...

johnny ong: hehe. i wish to do something related to that =)

nicoleacy: yea, i'm welcomed...