Saturday, September 06, 2008

Window Stucked

LAST week the power window of the passenger seat in my car couldn’t be winded up. My room mate and I tried open inside the door but it still couldn’t help. You see, that’s the disadvantages of technology. Everything is being controlled electronically. There is no way we could pull up the window manually.

As it was already quite late on a Sunday, I tried my luck driving to Tmn U and Sri Putri to see if there were any shops. Apparently there were SO many car repair shops but none of them opened. Hello? There is something missing in this line of service. How I wish I was in Sri Menanti where our makcik just have to give a call to the mechanic and he would come by to fix the car. That, I say is a good service even it’s just in a small kampong.

Worrying the inside would get wet if it rained and people sneaked inside to steal my steering, I had to find something to cover the window.
And this

The next day I sent the car to get the window fixed. After checking the problem, it was the controller of my seat that doesn’t work. And changing the whole thing of that gonna cost me some CA$H wtf.

In the end the mechanic just winded up the window for me using a-wire-connected-to-a-battery-thing and he then disconnected the wire inside so that the window couldn’t be use anymore.

Okay, so my car is now one quarter deaf. =/

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