Thursday, September 04, 2008

I Paint Oil

HONESTLY, I don't like painting. That's because my colouring sucks. I colour like a small kid. No kidding. I just don't have the talent to do that. Or maybe I guess I don't have the patience at all.

When my studio lecturer annouced that we were required to do a painting for a part of our assignment. I was stunned! 
"Yau mou!! Not another painting?!"

I thought after our first year we don't have to do this kind of stuff anymore.

Mr Ng (our lecturer) said that before we come out with our building design. We had to come out with a concept in relation to our design. And he wanted us show that through our painting. Sad.

However, one good news is that: what he asked for is an abstract painting.

Haha! Abstract = Anything = Cincai = Don't need any skill also can. As long as you've got any point to support your idea behind the painting, that'll be fine. =p

So the eight of us from Mr Ng workbase bought our own canvas which costs RM40 (frame included) at The Zon. That's the cheapest we found. I don't think the Rainbow stationary shop would have that kind of price.

The medium used could be acrylic or oil paint. Since all of them were doing acrylic, I chose the latter one.
Buying the oil paint was not cheap as I thought. A pack of 12-colour paint cost me almost RM20 wtf.

So here it is. How I started doing something I never thought I would be doing in my life!
The blank canvas

Before doing the painting, I roughly had some idea and how I wanted the final result to be like. Like what they always say, the starting part is always the most difficult. Looking at the canvas and did not know where to start putting my brush.
So I put down first

First, I started with something unbeneficial.
Singing the Negaraku

Who knows, maybe suddenly I could got some inspirations from it.
While I was playing a fool, my room mate has already begun painting. In fact, he started a day earlier.
Look, so focus

And me, totally blank.
Who say? I am also very focus wat!

After wasting enough of time, I started with my first colour on the canvas.
Wow, the canvas was so amazing! It wasn't like normal paper where the paint just stick on it the moment you colour it. I gotta colour a few layer to cover the whole white area. And the oil paint doesn't mix with water cuz it is OIL mahh. There were also some kind of smell while I was doing the painting.
After brushing for a few time, I kinda enjoyed doing it. Adding the paint, rub rub rub. Add more paint, rub rub more. Then I added another colour.
And moving on...

After finishing the backdrop, I realised that the painting could be viewed upside down too.
I wanted it to be like the one on the left but then I thought the right one was better

The effect of oil on canvas produced a nice texture which I quite liked it. =)
Like waves
The painter and the paint

For one moment, I felt like I was at the beach.
Tengah relax. Uh~ uh~ 

Next, I added red to it. Never knew it is also called scarlet.
No wonder Scarlett Johanson always look so red, like apple 

After that I drew another three undentified objects.
Can anyone guess what's that?
The truth is, there is no specific answer. Cuz the painter also didn't know what was he drawing. Haha. This is called abstract mah! If people don't understand what you draw, then you have succeed.

You can even view it in any angle that you like.


Jenny said...


The paint brushes singing negaraku and is sooo damn funny wei.
nearly laughed my head off.
Wasn't expecting such lame photos.

And u really can focus ! good job ! hahaha

yee mei said...

WAH! What a success!!

I really cannot understand what you painted!

Jimmy said...

jenny: thank you. hehe. but not lame as u lo. mr giraffe, mr dog, mr shark and mr 42 legs. =p

yee mei: thx! im a genius. XD

almost as free as u =) said...

the three three three on u painting means wat?? 0.0

stephene86 said...

ohh. i like the way u arrange u paint brush on the paint board. very creative! nice work jimmy zai =)

Jimmy said...

stephene86: thank you thank you! i was really blank at that time. hehe

the 'three' means 3. that's why there are 3 of the 'three' there. yeah! it can be that. also, somebody say it looks like a swimming pool handrail =)

just kidding said...

its look sth else to me =)) hehe... jimmy zai quick quick find a galfren la =)

Jimmy said...

no kidding o: -_-" i hope i can too..u know any gals to intro? =p