Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dinosaur Roars

THREE days ago I went for a hair cut. After watching Don't Mess with The Zohan, this time I intended to try something different and I told the hairdresser what I wanted. This is the result:

I asked her to shave the part (my hair) inside and to trim a bit on the outer layer. As a result, I turned out looking more like a pai kia rather than a student. Haha well, I just wanna try something new. As a saying goes don't judge a book by its cover. Same goes here. =)

Most of the guy course mates and I are used to visiting this saloon in Taman U called Dinosaur for our haircut. First of all, it's cheap. And they understand what we need. For a haircut and wash, it's only RM17. So if there are any inquiries or appointment making, feel free to call 07-5214672. *Promote a bit*

More or less this is how it will turn out to be like:
We called it the Dinosaur haircut

On previous post, I was feeling quite emo on that night which resulted me spilling out all my unsatisfactory thoughts. At least I'm feeling better now. Thanks for the messages that I received. I appreciate it a lot. =)
Have a nice weekend!

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wei chin leng chai wor ..... !