Sunday, March 16, 2008

Museum Tour

YESTERDAY I visited the National Singapore Museum. The moment I stepped into the museum from main entrance, there is this huge statue of David standing at the atrium.
The original marble statue carved by Michelangelo was white in colour but this one is covered with a red layer of fabric. A work by an Indonesian artist to soften David's masculine feature.

"Small lah"

David from the top

At that time there is also an exhibition on the greek masterpieces but and the entrance fee costs S$8. There will be a free admission only from 6pm-8pm (from 14th-16th March). But I don't think I would come back again in the evening.

Bird catching

The engineer who has a long bird

At the back part of the museum there is connection to a new building. Intergrating the old and new architecture.

Old (left) and New (right)

Something appeared down the escalator


Somebody help this stucked seal

Basically I just walked around the museum and visited some of the free galleries.
Some art exhibition

The shoemaker, Jimmy Tan

It's finger licking biting good

Huh? What was I doing?!

Antique cameras

Chinese opera costume. Tok dong chiang~

After visited the National Museum I headed over to the Sinagapore Art Museum which is just across the street.
Going up the stairs

To Hui San and Yee Wei: I can paint too =p

I like the tiles on the floor

Playing bowling in the museum

Spot me!

Spot me again!

Title of this paint: Father and Mother (China)

Staring at boobs

She has a pair of boob and a bird. Amazing

On that evening I got an invatation to a friend's orchestra performance in the National University of Singapore (NUS). It was my second time attending such performance and I found it not bad, except for some moment that I was too tired and almost felt alseep during the performance. But overall it was pretty amazing! . It even has a beautiful golden harp, played by a pretty girl. Wow!
After that, dinner at Clementi before heading back to UTM.
Dinner at Sumo House

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