Sunday, March 23, 2008

Perhaps Another Chance

When I heard one side one the story, I was standing on one’s side. After I’d heard both, I am now standing in the middle. It’s kinda strange and doubtful you know. Thinking and judging what is right and wrong. Recalling back what had happened. But I can’t just let it be like that.

I went to look for her and she cried again. I felt way sorry for her, for what she had been through all these months. I had no idea how hard it was for her to suffer it herself. As a guy who doesn’t really talk a lot and don’t really know how to express himself, I did not know what to do but to lend her my shoulder and to wipe off the tears on her eyes.

How come I never realize it all the while. Maybe I was so selfish all this while. I didn’t really think of what she felt before. I’m not saying that she is not wrong and I'm not changing what I thought of before. I’m not on her side and I'm not saying that what I’d heard before is not what it seemed to be either. Everything is over and let the bygone be bygone. I just feel that it is real bad and unfair if I keep on treating her the way I treated her last time.

To my fellow course mates, we’ve only just been together for two years and there is more than half of it to go before all of us graduates and leaves apart. Why things have to turn out to be like this? Why all the ‘pretend-pretend’ and ‘acting-acting’??

I know, part it was all started because of me. At least I think it was. But let me tell all of you, that I’ve already forgiven her now. What happened last time, let it be lah. I admit I have guilt as well. I am very sorry to her. Why we have to be so stubborn and become so hatred because of just a small matter. One misunderstood lead to such a big news. Get over it. And let a new life begin.

Can all ALL OF US just be like last time? Like how we did in the very first semester. Don’t be so naïve and narrow minded anymore. This is not so professional ok. Come on, think of it. What would YOU feel if a bunch of friends boycott you and even worse, they talk things behind your back? What is your feeling when you wanted to be close again with your course mates (or your circle) but there was always no chance to get near them.

After I’ve posted this up, I am sure there will be many judgments from the others. I don’t care what they think of me. I just want things back to be normal. And nop...I’m not doing this because she asked me to. I wrote this out all because I feel that some things are not going very well anymore.

So again I BEG all of you who are involved, pleeease do not continue to be like this ok? After all, this is our university life. Let it be a happy one.

Lastly, I apologize if what I've said offended anyone. Somebody must raise the matter in order to solve it. All I want is just to make things back as before. Give her another chance ok?

PS: I am very clueless of what to do anymore therefore I hope this will help. I know some of you who have been reading my blog.

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