Thursday, April 03, 2008

My W200i Pictures

Studio, assignments, Kak Dash’s job, Pre Graduation Night. These are the things that keep me so busy lately. And the Pre-Graduation Night has just finished last night. Will blog more of that soon, hopefully.

Some random stuff:

Pre-Grad practice session

Band pratice

The keyboard player

Dinner with course mates

Some time ago in 113 hawker center
NUS Symphony Orchestra

The golden harp in the NUS during the trip to Singapore recently

New Block for the Built Environment Faculty

The other day when I was printing my working drawing in B11, the staff there was printing a plan of a building and he told the few of us there that there will be a new block be built in front of the empty space in front of our faculty.

The design was done by the architects outside. Hmm, I wonder why they don’t ask the architecture students instead. At least make it as a competition. And I am sure Ar. Hong will have sleepless night plus the excitement.

Anyway the building has already been approved and will be built anytime soon, according to the staff and he then showed us some images of the porposed block.

An artist impression always look impressing huh

I like the banners hanging down the wall

The open space between the blocks

When I first entered the primary school, they said wanna built a new block and I finally get to use that in the final year during my primary 6. Then came to secondary school, they proposed a new block for the school and it was completed right after my form 6 graduation. And now in UTM, it happens again…

F1 job

During the F1 race in Sepang last month, I got a part time job through my coursemate in a Mercedes Showroom. Tiong and I were sent to the showroom in Plentong and the two were in Jalan Skudai’s.
Got many Benz in the showroom
Tiong and I
Fixing the track

I really wish to steal that at first =p
Teck Yong becoming F1 racer
The crowd watching F1 race

And the kids playing GT3

Basically our job were to record down the time of the car race game and list out the winner at the end of the event. We were told to work on Sunday, from 12pm to 5pm. And will be paid RM80.

The job was quite enjoyable over all. We got to see so many Mercs in the showroom and enjoyed trying out some of the car, had free refillable coffee, met a gorgeous MC, got to know some friends and got some soveniours from Mercedes Benz. Hehe.

My Tatoo
Credits to Jean ;)

Square Hat
Few more years (I know it’s long) and I’ll be wearing this

Let There be Light
Finally they have installed lights along the walkway linking my hostel block to the main building. But in less than a month to stay there. Next semester most of us will be staying in the hostel far, far away and up, up at the hill cuz we couldn’t managed apply to this kolej anymore.

So Kolej Ghabar Baba…here we come!!

Weeks ago I was staying in my hostel main building with Chin Keng until the morning and we saw this beautiful scene. There were mist all over the place. Felt like I was in Genting.


Just now I was walking to the Human Resource Faculty to collect some documents from the staff there. Even though I have been in uni for almost two years, I have yet to explore all the faculties in UTM. Perhaps one day I'll have a campus tour.
Saw this on the way
The documents I was told to get


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