Wednesday, October 29, 2008


STUDIO assesment is in two days and here I am talking crap again. Basically I have done 90% of what I'm supposed to show on Friday. Just left a bit more of my conceptual sheet and a night view perspective. I don't like to do the conceptual cuz it's all crap. I'll just dump what we have from our site analysis and schmetic into it and that's all.


While we were having our english 'disscusion' just now, Jean drew a circle on my palm. That's the size of her Mika Mouse. See how big her hamster has grown:
Talk to the hand


I had a romantic steak dinner with my room mate at the Mama Chop Papa Grill. Ordered a laaaamb chop and I suppose it is my first time trying it. Normally when I go to such places I'll either order chicken or fish 'n' chip so this time I wanted to try something else. =)

In case you are wondering are we celebrating for anything?

Nope. It just that we didn't have anything for lunch so wanted to have something full. My first time to Papa Mama too. The thing that attracted me the most is the food in the menu. Haha. The food are average and not too expensive. Can eat.


It's been a while I didn't follow up Sweatlee's blog. Didn't know that she had already changed her url. Anyway, since I'm a little, I think I am able help her out with the header. She wants it to be photoshopped.


Looking through my nuffnang account. Apparantly somebody came to my site by searching 'haikou hainan boob massage'.

Hey I din't know I can find that in Hainan. I did have a short massage during my recent trip to China. Haha but not the one you searched for. =p


Last but not least, my faroutite! Megan Fox has new set of pics. It has actually been for some time but I googled for it again, to see if there are anyMORE interesting photos.


And that is from her latest movie called 'Jennifer's Body'. Go search it and you'll find MORE like I did.

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