Thursday, October 02, 2008

Nin Hao

Anyway, it has been a busy week for me. But a very 充实 one. 一个星期就这样过去了,好快!什么鬼assignment都还没开始做。不管啦,再看怎样先。This is what I've been up to for the past few days.

7 days ago
I arrived at the Mei Lan International Airport in Haikou

6 days ago
Visited my cousin's ancestor home

5 days ago
Goofing around at the Sanya beach

4 days ago
Made a splash at the Tianya Haijiao (天涯海角)

3 days ago
Went back to my grandfather's hometown and
met relatives never seen before in my life

2 days ago
Explored around Wenchang (文昌) town

Shopped at streets of Haikou (海口) city

2 hours ago
Arrived back to Singapore and dropped by the new T3

I've got to sort out all the photos first. More updates later.

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