Friday, October 17, 2008

Space-Time Continuum

[This is a scheduled post]

Time traveling has always been every man’s dream. That includes mine. Movies like Back to the Future, Time Machine, Austin Powers and Doraemon cartoon has this machine where we are able to travel to any time we want. Even without the travel machine, Hiro Nakamura (from Heroes) can just shut his eyes and then teleport to whenever, wherever he wish to.

That is the power I wish to have some day

With that, I could go back to the 70s to see how my parents went dating, or see how I look like when I was young, or I could go back to tell ‘myself’ what I should have done and what shouldn’t in the past.

Maybe I should have sign up for the other course instead of architecture. Not to say I don’t enjoy this course. Just that there is other thing which I found later that suits my interests more.

Maybe I should go back to remind ‘myself’ not to leave my K610i in the pocket before putting in the washing machine.

Maybe I should warn ‘myself’ not to get too close with someone before things turned out nasty, and instead pay more attention to someone else.

Or maybe I can buy 4D and then hit a lottery.

Somebody who can invent the time machine will earn big money I tell you. But the consequences is gonna be terrible I bet. Haha.

Sometimes I wonder if I have ever met my course mates before I came to UTM. I am sure at somewhere, some time there was a slight chance I got close contact with Hui San, Siew Wei or Lim back in KL.
Like the movie Turn Left, Turn Right 向左走,向右走

When I was visiting Steven’s place in Kuching about a year ago, there was quite a familiar feeling that I have been to that place before. His parents own a pottery warehouse which later I found out that during my primary six school trip to Kuching, we had been to the same place.

Maybe I ever did encounter with him or Jenny, ACY, David, Yee Wei, LCC when I was in Kuching 10 years ago. (Majority of my Chinese coursemates are from Sarawak)

So nice if there is a gadget saying that I ever came close to this person at certain place, certain time ago, blablabla. Maybe Tiong was born just next to me when his mum came to KL 22 years ago. Haha.

I like to see how things or people can eventually turn up together without knowing that they will actually meet up one day. Should I call it fate?

One day…one day…it will come.


Anonymous said...

luv tis post... =)

Jenny said...

me too !
nice post !
"Maybe Tiong was born just next to me when his mum came to KL 22 years ago."

Jimmy said...

yo thanks! jia you ba =)

Esper said...

i also also dream about going back time to set things right... But, sometimes, all this unknown and uncertainty makes us grow... Past is history and future is uncertain... so, the most important is NOW- this moment of time. We have to cherish and dont waste every moment that we have. Hope u enjoy ur life la... take care...

Jimmy said...

hey u r absolutely right! how have u been btw? never heard from u for a long time ady =)