Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Borneo Trip Day 5

IT was Wednesday, the day we depart to Miri. The flight schedule was at 12.55pm. In the morning, we met up with another coursemate, Steven for breakfast at Kenyalang. He showed us a place at a food court above the market. Kennysia.com also mentioned this place before for its Tomato Kuey Tiao. I ordered a Tomata Mee. We wanted to ordered the Sio Bee and it left only five. So we took it all.

After the breakfast, Steven brought us to his house. Before that he drove us pass his secondary school where the canteen just burnt down recently by the students. Sigh, students nowadays.
Steven’s dad is operating a vase factory and a shop selling vases and other souvenirs. And his house is just above the shop. Once we reached Steven’s place, it looked very familiar to me. I realized that I’ve been to that place eight years ago during my primary school trip to Kuching. No wonder it looked so familiar. I wonder if I ever met with the Steven before I came to UTM. Who knows, it is a small world after all. =)
Looking for vase? Visit here
Reaching the factory/shop/house
L-R: HC, BL, Steven and CY

Factory round tour
The worker demonstrated a little bit before letting us try
Bee Li trying the pottery machine
And I just had a mess with it
Workers carving the patterns on the vase
When it is about 11.30am, Steven fetched us to CY’s house where we picked our luggage before sending the four of us to the airport. And off we go to MIRI!
Goodbye to Ang's residense

Auntie, don't play play lah!

The Kuching International Airport

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