Monday, May 21, 2007

Borneo Trip Day 2

The next morning, we woke up quite late so we didn’t get to go to the Sunday market with CY’s dad. Anyway, why do we wana go to the market when we can sleep comfortable in an air-con room for a longer time? =p

We had our breakfast at home, since there were many leftover dish the night before. CY’s dad is a very free man. After breakfast, he brought us to a Japanese cemetery and monument in Kuching. Not many people know about this place even CY. That place is built to remember a group of Japanese fisherman staying in Kuching who fought during the WWII.

The entrance of the cemetery

The memorial
The Japanese tourists will not fail to visit this place everytime they come to Kuching
That's BL, CY's sis, CY and I, erm behind
Then we headed to 青山(Green Hill in Chinese). It is located about half an hour from town. It is a Chinese temple located on top of the hill and is built in the inside of a Malay village. Whenever the cars come to park at the hill foot, the Malay kids will always appear out of nowhere to collect the 'parking fee'.

The steps going up the temple
We folded these to be burnt later on

Overlooking the Malay village and the river
The big footstep of Buddha
After some praying and photo taking there, CY’s dad brought us to see a rock at the outside of the Sarawak Museum. According the CY’s dad, it is believed that a guy was struck by a lightning and later he became part of the rock, which gave the rock its unusual shape. I entered the museum and the rest of them took some photos outside.

Do you believe it is a natural rock?
Inside the Sarawak Museum. It used to be the residence of Brookes
Long house
Then we went back to CY’s home. We were supposed to wait for David, another coursemate of ours to bring us out to some place but he was taking his afternoon nap at that time. And so did we, since we were tired too.
At night, David fetched us for dinner at 7pm. e went to a place called Jalan Song and met up with Yee Wei there. There were a lot of hawker stalls and even DVD sellers there. And since it was Sunday, the place is fully packed. This is where we can see Kuching people gather all together having the dinner/supper. Hehe. I ordered a sambal chicken and coconut drink. And the Takoyaki there only cost RM3.50 for four pieces. In KL, it is three for RM3.90.
Hawker street at Jalan Song

David then brought us to 马中公园 (Malaysia-China Garden) just opposite the place we had our dinner. There was a lake and the place was beautifully decorated with Chinese elements. Half of the garden was built by Malaysia and the other half built by the Chinese. There was also a big statue of Cheng Ho (郑和). It looked scary at night though.

The main entrance stands majestically

The tea house only opens in daytime
Cheng Ho
My architecture coursemates: (L-R) Bee Li, Han Chee, Chiou Yann, Yee Wei and David

After that David drove us to Kuching Riverfront. Nothing much to be seen there except for some colonial buildings nearby such as the High Court, Round building, Post Office etc.
Next, we went to the opposite side of the Kuching River where the Malay kampongs are. We also passed by some roundabouts. Talking about roundabout, Kuching have HUGE roundabouts and most of them come with long names.
Kuching Riverfront at night
Before sending us back home, David brought us for supper at BDC, just right beside the roundabout. I ordered a Teh Si Special.

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