Monday, May 07, 2007

Feeling so HOT

I am back in KL since last week. This time I'll be staying here for 10 weeks before my 3rd semester starts on July. That is almost 3 months!! I'll be leaving for the Borneo this coming Saturday with some of my coursemates to visit some others coursemates at Kuching and Miri.

Plans after that? Hmm...not sure yet. Maybe find a part time job in an architect firm, or staying at home watch movie and online everyday, or go out lepak and and do nothing. Hehe. Most probably will take to the former.

Last Friday met up with Khong Jin for lunch at MidValley. He was leaving for Kota Bharu on the following day so that was the only chance I could meet with him. We chatted and started talking crapp, as usual. After that walked around and saw Sook Yee there. She was working in Carrefour on that day. Also, I saw my architecture course senior May Ling working as perfume promoter at the North Court. Wow, what a coincidence!

Later that night, went for supper with old schoolmates and friends: Randy, Perry, Chia Sheng, Jia Hao, Kelvin and Yu Jian. Jian Fai was supposed to turn up but dunno where he dissapeared. Hehe anyway, it was good to meet some old buddies. They are still as crappy as they were. Frankly, in university, I never get to meet people as crazy and fun as them. Maybe is because I've already known them for a long time. And that's the reason why I miss my friends in KL alot when I was in JB!

On Saturday morning, I met up with Nicholas Kau at Bt. Jalil station where he fetched me to his college in Nilai. He had to register for his upcoming semester subjects and also clean up his new hostel room. So I followed him to look around the surroundings and 'see see some people' there.

The drive to Nilai INTI College took about half an hour. And the weather that day was freaking HOT. I dunno whether is it me or what, when I came back from UTM, I find that the weather in KL is extremely HOT. Much more hotter than JB. I could stay in my hostel room for the whole afternoon sleeping comfortablely but in KL I can't sleep without turning the air-con on.

Yeah...KL is so HOT!

Reaching INTI main entrance
The hostel block in INTI
Covered pathway for sunny and rainy days. LEARN something, UTM!

On every entrance of their hostel regardless of male or female blocks, there will be one guard sitting on the desk checking every person coming in and out. This is even more strict than UTM. However according to Nicholas, sometimes at night there will be couples dating on the empty carpark. If you are lucky, you might get to see couples kissing from inside of your room. And that is why there are some people bringing binoculars to the hostel.
After parking the car at the hostel block, Nicholas showed me around his campus. First we went to the admisitration office to get his exams result slip.

Main office block with a courtyard garden
The grade distribution in INTI
Then he went to update his student card. By just putting the card at the censor at the counter, all the details and information of the students will be displayed on the screen in front. UTM should implement this system! Maybe we could use our student card as e-cash when buying food at the cafeteria, just like the one in UPM if I'm not mistaken, since all of us are having the student smart card. Sigh. Again, so called university TEKNOLOGI Malaysia...
I tried putting my student card, it didn't work of course.

INTI's Cafeteria
Conclusion, don't study hard!
The students' hall where Nicholas was going to register for his subject
There were also an open day for those who wish to study in INTI
Having some difficulties choosing and fitting the subjects into the timetable

I should feel lucky that instead of choosing and selecting our own subject, we are all given the subjects that we should take in a sem and if everthing goes well (no fails), we will move on. In other words, in local universities we are all spoon fed. =p
Meeting his friend
We then met up with one of Nicholas' college friend and had our lunch nearby. Later on Nicholas got room key from the office and we went to his new room. He is taking a single room this semester and it costs him RM1000 for a sem. On the previous sem, he paid RM2000 for a bathroom attached bedroom with air-con. That is more than half of what I get for PTPTN (government loan for study) for a sem.
The corridor on the 2nd floor

Looking down the open space area

Shared toilet
Nicholas' room

His room during the last semester
He has to clean the room before moving in on the following day. To save up the work, let Nicholas teach you on how to clean your floor in a quick and easy way:

1) First, apply some detergent on the floor.

2) Pour about half pail of water on the floor

3) Mop the water away using a mop.
4) The water will then slowly flow down.

5) And some unlucky occupants staying below is going to get it.
6) A negro will then start shouting "WHO'S TAT ABOVE?!!"


yee mei said...

the wheather is super hot indeed!
and nice updates.. keep it up.

s0hp0h said...

the room last sem looks so much nicer though.. lol