Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Borneo Trip Day 4

The next morning, all of us slept like pigs and we missed the breakfast buffet. It was just too nice to leave the place. However on 12pm, we gotta check out and CY’s dad was already at the lobby waiting for us.
CY’s dad brought us to the open air market in front of Electra house to have our lunch. Kennysia.com mentioned this place before, for its Sio Bee (or siew mai in the West). I tried the Sarawak Laksa and it tasted just like our Kari Mee in Semenanjung. Then we walked along India street. There were many shops selling cloths and boutiques.
The open air market hawker center
India Street
A pintu gerbang with a small alley entrance

Inside the alley
After that, we went to the Tua Pek Kong temple which is located at the center of the town. Then we walking along a row of shops which sell souvenirs. I didn’t buy anything back to KL except for two postcards which I planned to mail to KL and Seoul.
Tua Pek Kong temple

Inside a souvenir shop
We went back to Ang’s residence to clean up and rest. That night her mum prepared dinner for us and we didn’t go out anywhere after that. I continued my Chicken Little game. It was our last night in Kuching.

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