Monday, May 21, 2007

Borneo Trip Day 1

IT was Saturday 12th April 2007, the day we went across South China Sea to the Borneo Island. Han Chee and Bee Li arrived my house a day earlier from Perak. Air Asia was having this air ticket promotion some months before so we booked ourself a ticket to Sawarak, the land of Hornbills.

There are some of our coursemates who are from East Malaysia so it would be nice to pay them a visit and also explore the other part of Malaysia at the same time. It would be HC and BL's first time to Sarawak and for me it was my second time. I had been there during my primary 6 school trip but that was such a long time ago. I can hardly remember what happened then. I only remember that I took a pic with a BIG pussy cat.

Our flight was scheduled to depart at 7.10am so the three of us reached LCC Terminal at about 5.30 in the morning. Never ever take such an early flight. But the view from the plane was real nice. =)

Waiting at ther terminal
View outside from the plane
Finally saw the shoreline of Sarawak
Sarawak's rivers. HC's dad kept on warning her about crocodiles

The houses just look like architecture model

We arrived Kuching airport at almost 9am where Chiou Yann and her dad were waiting for us at the arrival hall. CY's dad brought us to a coffee shop at 4½ Miles to have our breakfast. I ordered Kuching famous Kolo Mee and a five layer teh si special. Believe me, the East Malaysia has food which WE don't find in the Peninsular.

After breakfast, we checked in at the Ang's residential at Seng Goon Garden. The three of us were welcomed by the staff members: CY's mum, uncle and grandma.

CY dad's pet tortoise
Many of the houses in Kuching have this so called kuali fixed on their house's rooftop. It enables the resident to receive more TV channels from the other countries. Except for the satellite dish and its fixing fee, the channels are for FREE. The bigger kuali you have, the more channels you'll receive. However this private satellite dish is so uncommon in the West Malaysia.
A kuali at Ang's residence
*Update: It is actually called a Parabola, not kuali
We rested for awhile before CY's dad gave us a tour around Kuching town in his Avanza. Well, Kuching is not as busy and as big as KL but it has a average and peaceful life there. You don't always see traffic jam and one more thing, there isn't alot of Malays but orang asli. They called them la kia (in Hokkien). We took pictures with a giant cat at the Padungan roundabout and then BL wanted to buy some bird's nest for her mum and sis.
9 years back

Buying bird's nest at this shop, run by a friend of CY's dad

Next, CY's dad brought us to have rojak and cendol. I dunno where place was but it was opposite a police station. They asked you whether you want either milk or santan for the cendol, unlike KL they only pour santan for you.
L-R: Han Chee, Bee Li, Chiou Yann, her uncle and dad
After eating, all of us became pigs already, wanting to go home to have an evening nap. Of course we didn't sleep for long as we had to prepare for the BBQ cum steamboat at the Ang's residence on that night. I followed CY and her dad to collect some food that they had ordered earlier. The rest stayed at home prepare for the others.

Satay satay~
As the night arrived, guests started to come. CY's relatives and friends, her sister's friends and some of our coursemates in Kuching. Steven and Yee Wei was supposed to come but they had dinner at the last minute as it was Mother's Day.

The guests arriving
Looks like Jenny quite enjoyed herselfWhen the BBQ ended, there were a lot of leftover food. I guess they ordered abit too much food plus some didn't turn up for the BBQ at that night. After the had guests left, we helped to clean up and chatted awhile with CY's parents. CY's dad showed my some of his antique collection and also told me the stories behind of them.

We took a nice hot shower before getting ready to sleep. What a day!

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