Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Borneo Trip Day 3

IT was Monday, the day we went to the Damai Beach. CY’s uncle helped us to booked a room at Holiday Inn before we arrived. The journey to Damai took about one hour from Kuching town.
We checked in the hotel and then CY’s dad left the four of us. Soon, Jenny arrived and she joined us in our room. Since we are staying in just a room, which means that I will be sharing a same room with four girls!

Inside the room

We stayed in the room and watched TV until the weather is alright to go to the beach. We didn’t swim but just walk along the seaside and play around with the sand and water. David and his friends also came and joined us for awhile, then they went for dinner.

At the beach

On the water. We didn't go until very deep

On the rocks

Capturing sunset
As for dinner, we hired a driver to bring us to have seafood dinner at Kampung Buntal and it costs RM10 per person for the ride.’ It wasn't a holiday season at that time so there were onli 2,3 tables of customer. Quite emtpy.

We ordered prawns, jellyfish, a kind of shell food and vege
After dinner, we headed back to our resort and enjoyed the night view by looking at the stars on the beach. But damn! There were mosquitoes around too. The were A LOT of stars to see until my eyes also gong gong already. Then we went back to our room to enjoy the air-con. I played the Chicken Little game on the laptop and then watched TV...until felt asleep.

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