Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Checking Out G31-105A

IT has come to an end for this semester, which means I have been studying in UTM for 1 year. Gosh, that is really fast! I still remember the first week in the university when we just moved into our hostel.

In UTM, we have to change our hostel room every different year. I am taking a five year course here, which means I will be staying in five different rooms in the univeristy. Although I stayed here for just a year in this room, there are memories that can't left behind. And there are some of them cannot be told! =p

When it comes to packing, the troubles is here. For an architecture student, I have alot of stuff (maybe junks) in my rooms compared to the other kids from the other course. Drawings, papers (A1, A2, A3, A4, butter paper, sugar paper, catridge paper, waste paper...), models, boards, magazines, notes, food supply for late night supper, guitar, condoms, bags, boxes etc.

Compared to the others, I am among the latest to begin my semester holiday as I was having my last paper yesterday. Some already went back home since last week. Soon dad will pick me up and we are leaving to Malacca today, then back to KL on the following day.
These are some photos which I took few days before in my hostel room:

Cactus bought during the Cameron Highlands trip
Cupboard shelf with a broken door
Above the shelf
You never know how often I wash these ;p
My desk with a red wine and Kampai bottle hidden on it
Notice board with rubbish and McDelivary/Pizza Hut flyers
Boards, papers, drawings etc
My supply during the midnight
There are some other stuff which I had already put in my friend's house in JB. And this is what I will be bringing back to KL. I think I'll have to ask my dad rent a lorry instead.

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