Sunday, April 29, 2007

Going Solo

I hear different stories from different sides. Duno which is true and which is not. I am so confuse and not sure which is the REAL her. Hmm..what does she have in mind actually? Doesn't sound like I know her well enough. Yup..I admit that I was very mad at her the moment she said tat we should not move on. Imagine someone who gave u a chance but suddenly turn u down when u actually are doing the best to be with her. She says tat she needs some time to 'settle' something first. And it seems like it is all my fault. =(

However I still like her alot. It's not easy to just let go someone u like and someone u really thought tat u can hold on to it. She discussed bout her problems and reasons to me but I wasn't really in the mood. I then walked away just like that. I was mad and I can't control my temper at that moment but when im finally cool down im really really afraid to let go of her. Sounds weird huh.

Guess I am going to become a fool this time. Cz i've decided to wait............

and wait...........

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