Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Busy Week

YUP, it is the submission week for most of the my subjects. People from other course are probably enjoying their time at home since it is study week now but we are still struggling in the campus. The things to be done by these days:

Tuesday: Alice in Wonderland powerpoint slides
Wednesday: Jahangir's STAADPro report
Thursday: English negotiation
Friday: Studio final assesment

I was informed that the STAADPro assignment due date has been postponed to the 4th November. But I have to finish it ASAP anyway cuz there will be measured drawing model to be submitted on that day also.

No time to eat? Haha. Don't worry, there is always Maggi.
This is not an advertorial pic

ps: I'm thinking of heading to TGI Friday this coming Friday. The Halloween party looks pretty interesting. Nyek nyek nyek...


Cynthia Yong said...

cool!! thanks for the compliment and comment. the max vid is rather raw though because at that time, its my very first attempt on that and its driving me crazy.huahuahuaha. now i
m getting the hang of it! i have many friends in UTM. maybe we even have common friends! i know Steven, Jenny, Pao Chung, Yee Wei, Nicole. Keep on posting and have a good day!

yeewei said...

halo cynthia~~haha surprised to c u here

Jimmy said...

haha. yea, they're all my coursemates. =)