Tuesday, October 21, 2008

With the Power of Photoshop

YESTERDAY I was trying out some editing in photoshop. It turned out wonderfully amazing and funny. You will know the reason later. Haha

From time to time I have been following this photoshop tutorial blog by Rames . It looks nice and most importantly, easy to follow. Materials and files can be downloaded after each tutorial.

Since this girl from the Singapore Motorshow is on my desktop wallpaper, I use her to be my 'model'. Normally those stuff that we do inside photoshop are only based on our imagination and they DON'T normally come true.

Just like what I did here. You can now see that she's shorter than me. =p
This tutorial can be followed here.
Next, I found this lovely photo of my FuturArc group which we shot early this year.

The original pic

Jeng jeng jeng. With my photoshop skill, I:
help with some make up

you probably know what I'll be doing

This is what happen when you apply too much of powder 
with green eyeshadow and out-of-scale lipstick

Haha. See, Tiong has the nicest smile =)

Looks like some drama poster to me

Then I got another idea while adding the black-eyed thing. Here:

Sometimes when you crop a picture out, it gives another perspective and put the focus on elsewhere.

I like this ad. And it matches with the pic above

Ok lah. Enough I guess. Hope you guys learn something. Take care!


jen said...

HAHAHAHAHA...this is sooooo damn hilarious im having a laughing fit now...i donno want to cry or laugh...
This is the most -____-lll post i've ever read. keep it up !

Jimmy said...

With all the tensions and pressures due to heavy assignments, u should laugh. so laugh out all u can! =D

NicoleACY said...

Dude... Love ur jeans ad. Wahaha... And I dun think I'm suitable for the role of the Joker lo! See how ugly I looked! Damn!

Jimmy said...

don worry. not being joker is not a very 'sad' thing either =)

justinhor said...

you really 'tak han moe yeh joe'... (sweat)

Jimmy said...

once in a while lah. ku ku jip bai ;)