Monday, October 20, 2008

Two More Balloons

FINALLY I can have a nice rest after yesterday’s open crit session. Our lecturer invited Ar Normal to be the panel and the presentation was done in his office. I did not manage to show up the sections and conceptual sheet but the rest of the drawings are killing me already.

On Friday I watched the sky turned dark and on the following I watched it turning bright again. I didn’t sleep at all just like some of them. This course IS making us become like zombies.

Even becoming a zombie is better, cuz I don’t have to use autocad or photoshop.

Here are some photos taken in Ar. Normal's office:
That's Choon Wah doing a V
And me presenting my work

As usual, many comments and feedbacks after the presentation. The panel said my art school looks like a shopping complex. Mr Ng added that the only thing left out is the balloons. -.-"
Trying to peek at our grades given but turned out blurry

The façade and one of the toilet space need to be reconsidered. With all that I’ve done, I just want to finish everything and faster let it come to an end. Seriously I do not have to mood to edit it again since holiday is coming. I can already hear to sleigh bell ringing. Haha.

I've also been told that I spent too much time doing my perspective rendering instead of looking at books and magazines for ideas. Yea I know my design looks basic and simple but that is what I want. But at least my hard work for the perspective did pay off. =)
The first perspective I did
The exterior view

The final submission and assesement is going to be on next Tuesday. We still got one more detailing drawing to do. Worse, there are measured drawing, history of modern architecture, structure assignments all to be submitted on next week itself. How la am I going to celebrate this Thursday?

* ~*~*~*~*~*~*

Today noon I went out with Choon Wah as well as Karen and Yee Wei. We had a last minute plan to Danga City Mall since all of us have never been there before. As the mall is newly opened, the place is still empty not all the shops are opened. But one thing I like is the free parking! The car park barrier is there just that it is not in service yet. The only entertainment we saw there was bowling and archery. The rest was just normal. Many boutiques and hair saloons I can say.

We went to the upper floor to search for food. To our disappointment, the food there is quite limited and there is no other restaurant except for the food court. Therefore we headed to Pelangi area later on and went to the pan mee shop Tiong brought me last time. He knows many places in town and can be the food directory for JB already.

Other than pan mee, we also ordered salad you tiao (油条) and Thai style taufu. For so long never tried tasty food. I am getting sick of Tmn U's food.

After coming back to our hostel, Choon Wah and I watched 'The Spiderwick Chronicles' which I copied from Ryan few weeks ago. Quite an entertaining movie about fairytale and goblins. Again for so long I never watched movies in the cinema. The last one was The Dark Knight. You can imagine how long already.

Talk about movies, I wanna catch Eagle Eye, House of Bunny and Mamma Mia! Anyone accompany?

Mamma Mia~ Here I go again~
My my~ How can I resist you~


yee mei said...

so nice laaa.. so cool all the graphics!!
envy envy!
next time i need help, maybe u can help me!!

Jimmy said...

yee mei:
yea sure. those pics are actually jz for impression (and lies too). =p

yayay said...

yaya, help me too la =)) i wan all my perspective render too!!!!!!!

if u like all the singing movie like disney movie, mama mia is damn nice

jay's no.1 fan said...

count me in for house bunny n mamma mia ! =P
AT LEAST u got rendered perspective on ur pre-sub. mine only sketchup's. on submission day somemore. -___-lll

yeewei said...

mamma mia...ON!

Jimmy said...

yayay: hehe. if i'm free den no prob =)

jay lousy la: ok..!

yeewei: on!