Monday, October 06, 2008

Singapore Motor Show 2008

LAST Friday when I was still in Singapore, I took a chance to visit the motor show at the Suntec Convention Centre with my cousins. Also met up with Chiou Yann and her sis at the City Hall MRT before heading to the exhibition. A single entrance ticket costs S$8 with a complimentary Wall's Mini Cornetto. However this year's event is in a much smaller scale compared to the previous one. Car makers such as Mazda and Toyota weren't in the exhibition.

Here goes the photos:
Exhibition at Level 3

Shooting going on

Wee Nee and the F1 driver

Subaru occupied the largest area
Ride on the Nissan 350Z Roadster
They were motorcycles, bicycles and even buses

Art pieces from Australia being displayed and to be sold

A Nissan concept car, PIVO2
At the Nissan Technology Zone
Girls, camera and mirror never apart

Of course apart from the cars, the models grabbed to most attention from the visitors as well as the photographers.

Nissan girl
I've seen her during the last motor show
This girl asked us to help out with the questionnaires

Girl and Lamborghini
Subaru girls
Cute little girl from Nescafe

Some dancers
Cousin with a life-sized doll-liked model from Honda
And my favourite model of the day

Look at those looong legs
Can melt already
She has this smile I like

Just like the previous one, there was a stunt performance by Russ Swift. And this year he brought his son along. The admission was free of charge.

The guy in the banner is Russ Swift
Some moves were pretty much the same as the last two years

Some members of the audience got a chance to ride in the cars

Before the show started

That's all for now.

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