Monday, January 14, 2008

The Mushroom Guy

YESTERDAY I finally managed to find a game which I always used to play when I was still a young innocent kid. SUPER MARIO 3!!! You can download it here, for free!

Although the game is quite old but I still like it very much. It just gave me so much of memories. I remember that I always played it with my cousin brother back in Malacca. Cuz back then there was a Nintendo in his house. And that was like the only digital entertainment for us back then. The other games that I also liked was Chip n' Dale, Contra, Ice Climber etc.

Mario Mario! I miss the game so much! Can eat the red feather which then can fly. And then got some secret spots hidden somewhere. And can go up to the heaven to collect coins and a life. WEEeeee.... Hehe.

Right now the Mario songs keep playing non stop in my mind. =p

1 comment:

yee mei said...

last holiday i was also searching for this game and had it downloaded.
I dont remember which mario but i like the one with yoshi!

i luv harvest moon also. You shud play that..