Sunday, January 06, 2008

Leisure Farm Visit

*Might take awhile to load the photos*

YESTERDAY Ar. Hong brought us (the environmental workbase) to Leisure Farm to visit the site for our first project. We we told to gathered at the FAB bus stop at 10am and he will lead us to the place.

The Malays waiting

He gave each of us a mandarin orange before we departed
And he also subsidized the petrol price to all the drivers

The journey there took us approximately 30 minutes. We passed by Mutiara Rini, Lima Kedai, Gelang Patah before reaching our destination. It is located at not far from the Second Link to Singapore.

The entrance

Security guard house

Waiting for security to lead us in

First we headed straight to the sales office, passing by a golf course and some bungalows at the sides. The residential community there is totally isolated from city and it looks peaceful inside there.

The Sales and Information office

Ar. Hong explained abit of the master plan and we walked around the showroom seeing some nice house models. Then we were invited to the auditorium room for a video show about the development of Leisure Farm. We were told that about 80% of the residents there are foreigner. Mostly from Singapore. They make them as their weekend homes there.

The master plan of Leisure Farm

The person-in-charge, Miss Ang is actually an ex-student of UTM. In fact, she was a student of Ar. Hong. She lead us to our project site which was just beside the sales office and we were briefly introduced about of the project as we walked around that area.

Ex-student and lecturer

The place is surrounded by a canal and there were some nice houses at the opposite side. According to Miss Ang, those houses costs about RM700,000-RM800,000 each. But it is really nice! I quite like the environment there. If only I can print money at home (or in the hostel).


Abit disappointed on the water. But Miss Ang said that it is due to the construction at the other end.

Private access to the resident area

Ar Hong giving some explantation

He talked about planting pandan to keep the mosquitoes away

And also keeps the air (and his armpit) smells nice

Shy look

A funny lecturer

There were also ducks

That's Jean casting a spell on the ducks

Taking pics of ducks on water

A 'modern' tree house

Made of steel and timber

Assessable by a vertical ladder

Pika (L) and Shar

The others

Tiong (L) and Han Chee

Choon Wah, Sim, Vanessa, Steven and CK

..and me

Trying to figure out a pose

Like this can??

In front of the mini maze with ACY

Another nice spot in the park

They pak tor

We too can

Tropical Sonata


Jean Jean

Some pics of our site:

Suddenly we came across a small bridge on the canal and felt so excited to take photos on it. Here are some of them. Enjoy =)


Me again

Blocked by Ujang

From left: Vanessa, Sim, Steven, Jean, Me, CK, Choon Wah



and again.

Some more

Then two human walked in

And joined us

So we continued

and again

Good thing about digital camera which doesn't require film

So we took some more


A group photo

Closer look

After finish exploring and enjoyed the site, we walked back to the sales office.

These trees were being transplant from elsewhere

If don't pose can die one

The cafe area

Openings for natural lighting

Ar. Hong also asked us to visit the toilets and it turned out to be something different.

Can see the opposite side, from the Gents to the Ladies

Taking a rest while enjoy the scenery

Before leaving the place

That's about it. Now it is time to finish the project...
*Credits to Tiong for some of his photos* =)

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