Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas and Turkey

MERRY Christmas people! It's a day of celebration and the traffic in KL is horrible. I've learned my lesson: NEVER shop for Christmas gift at the very last minute. The Christmas decorations of the malls in the Klang Valley are nice though. I grabbed some chances to visit some of them:
Pavilion KL
MidValley Megamall
Sunway Pyramid

Bangsar Village II
Berjaya Times Square
On the night of Christmas Eve, one of the schoolmate, Shao Jin (Jim) invited us for a party at his house. It will be a gathering cum BBQ session on that night.
And also a Lebanese
I went there after sending Ning and her family to the airport. It was raining very heavily that day and I was again was caught in the jam. I've never been to Jim's new house located at Zen Cheras. The place practically has zero noise and air pollution. Simply peaceful and out of the city.
Minji, Jason and Perry
Most of the guests are his friends from college, his friends' friends and friends' friends' friends. Some of his relatives were there as well. It was still quite early when I arrived and more and more people came in as the sky turned darker. I chatted a while with Jim's dad and he said it is important that we (school mates) should gather more often. These are the REAL friends we have.
That is James doing the BBQ for us. The Koreans are really good at it.
On the night, most of the guests brought food such as liquor and chocolates. I brought myself with an empty stomach.
Chatting at the garden. And Perry was about to leave for church.
The MBS gang: Nick, Perry, Jason, Minji (Jason's Korean gf) and Suresh
Anyway, Christmas is not complete without a turkey. So there we have a roasted turkey:
The host of the party. He said he has spend over RM2000 preparing all these.
And the turkey was SO DELICIOUS!! Homemade.
The games and drinking session started once we were getting full with the food. However I didn't join because we had another plan in mind. And that's where the Christmas celebration began.
It's been long time I never went to club with them. The cover charge was RM68 for guy and RM58 for girl with one drink. So we opened a bottle and shared. Nick brought some of his friends. And we meet Jackson (Chin Hwa) there as well. It was fun and crowded.
Showing all the hands and signals
We clubbed till three when it's about to close. Supper/breakfast was at a nearby mamak called Garden Cafe., which is just in front of KLCC. It would be nice if the twin towers hadn't turn off their lights.
Drunk Minji. She reminds me much of Inah.
Nick sent me home but only realized I left my house key in Jason's car. Toots!
Jalan Ampang after night. Surprisingly there are still many cars.
So once again, Merry Christmas to everyone! Did you have a fun Christmas celebration?

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