Thursday, December 23, 2010

Retouching Old Photos

SOMETIMES when you flipped through old photo albums of your parents or even grandparents you'll see some photos which look like this:
Sepia or black and white
Last night one of my cousin sister sent me a photo of her paternal grandfather, who passed away very early when he was still a young man. Only having this monochrome photo of him, she wants me to add some 'colours' to it. I thought it was quite impossible to do it as we normally photoshop our pictures from colour to black and white (B&W) but not vice versa.

That was, until I found a handy shareware which enable us to do that. This program called Recolored has very simple tools for us to add colours to old B&W photos. Fascinating!
And very easy to use
After a some trial and saving, this is the results I've got:
The glasses were later added in Photoshop
Lately I've been hearing a lot of death news. It all started with Alviss Kong, a heartbreak guy who committed suicide after his girlfriend left him. Followerd by another girl who jumped from KL Pavilion. Not long later, Sheng Yuan uncle also passed away after a road accident, which shocked all of us uni mates. And last night I heard from dad that one of our relative is not have much time left as well. *update: this morning the ambulance came and sent her to the hospital. Well, she's 98 now. This is life.

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