Saturday, August 23, 2008


LOOK around you. What can you find that is green?

Green is almost everywhere. Take for example, in my house:

My gate is green.

The trees outside.

As well as plants the inside.

The pandan leaves my mum planted.

The garden hose

The green tiles

Also the oil container dad left at the car porch

You see, green is everywhere.

Inside my house, part of the wall is green too.

Anyway, that’s not important.

This is the main reason I’m writing this post:
No, it's not the bicycle
Hmm, a lil closer
There. Can see?
Yup. The FuturArc magazine which I just got less than 12 hours ago. This 2008 3rd quarter edition of the magazine seems to be quite difficult to find. I’ve searched almost everywhere in Taman U and JB but couldn’t spot it.

Even Han Chee wanted to get for me when she was in Singapore, there was only one left at that place. And she got it for herself. Luckily they still have NOT totally run out of stock. I got this copy from Borders at Times Square this afternoon.
Unlike the previous ones, they wrapped this. Must be having something wonderful inside

Yes indeed! There is an extra special of section in this edition of FuturArc

Remember the competition that my friends and I took part early this year? Actuall it was one of our studio assignment. The competition was organized by FuturArc and in such a short period of time we managed to rush for the submission AND luckily enough we got a small award from it.
I'm looking for this!
Flipping through the pages

Ta Da! Please turn to page 138

A citation award for us
Saya punya cerita ahli kumpulan

The description written by the magazine people
Haha. Passion sounds so dedicated and obsess. Doesn't suit me lah

So, go grab a copy if you are interested k. Normally only big bookstores will have them. And it’s quite worth it seriously. For a price of RM32.50, you’ll get to see so many competition entries by the others. Some of them did really well and they deserved the prizes. (Plus, this edition is much thicker compared to the others).

And, no animal were harmed during the production of this post.

Love green! Be green! Go green!

This year's competition is back. Come register and join here.

Dateline is on the 31st December


jen said...

i ady have the feeling that u're going to talk abt the futurearc thing from the beginning...hahaha...but nice post anyway. =P
I love the 3rd cute.

Jimmy said...

hee thanks. wana join again this year? =p