Monday, August 18, 2008

Mid Sem Break

I am back at KL for a week. I brought home some studio work to do but don’t think I can do much. I feel like resting and do nothing for the few coming days. These things hardly I can do in uni nowadays.

Two days ago before coming back to KL, I went to Malacca as my family was there. I took a 3.30pm bus (which came 45 minutes later) from Johor and reached Malacca Sentral by 6.15pm. My cousin and his girlfriend picked me up at the bus terminal and we went to look for my coursemates Han Chee and Chiou Yann. They reached Malacca earlier cuz they took the morning bus and they checked in a hotel called Baba House which was just opposite Hotel Puri. RM96 for a room with air-con and attached bathroom. Not too bad.
The place they stayed

I never really entered a heritage house in Malacca before. The first moment I entered this shophouse-convert-hotel towards their room, the place was amazingly long. There are more than one courtyard in the middle of the house and it has feeeel. If my cousin wasn’t there to pick me up, I might be sharing the room with the two of them.
Haha. Joking. This IS Baba House

After visiting their room, we were ready to explore around the area. Since the hotel is just located next to Jonker Walk, there was the first place we went. Many stalls were already being set up and later at night it was going to be a lot of people and tourist there.
 Welcome to Jonker

We came across this small little alley which brought us to a teahouse on the other side. There were some displays, mostly artifacts and also a GIRAFFE! According to the owner, good luck will come when we touch the tall giraffe and so we molested the animal for non-stop.
Inside the small alleyway
Coming to the teahouse
I like this shot the most. The view from the above
The all of us

We were also being served desserts for free. Hehe. The place provides a comfy and quiet environment for those who enjoy the art of tea.
Red bean+coconut milk+rice...

Then we continued walking to the new attraction in town – the revolving tower. They named it Menara Taming Sari which is the name of the keris tha Hang Tuah used. But I don’t see any connection between the tower and the keris.
On the way from Jonker to the revolving tower which is nearby to Maktoka Parade:
Malacca famous landmark
Trying to capture jump shot, but failed
Cute pose by lil kid
The ship museum
AT LAST, the Menara Taming Sari

The student price for the ticket is RM10 per pax. Before, I was thinking why they wana built such tower in Malacca as they are nothing much to see from the top. I was wrong. The view was simply breathtaking. Better than looking Malacca town in Google Earth. The sea, the lights, the hills, old and new buildings, and the ant-sized human. It would have been better if they could slow down the spin. The 7 minutes ride journey is a little too short for me.
Entering the tower
Inside the capsule
Going up
Night view of the historical town
Dataran Pahlawan
 It's 'menara' everywhere

After the ride, we took some photos from below and it wasn’t easy to snap the whole tower. We had to wait for the suitable time to capture a nice photo. That’s when my camera tripod came in good use.
Setting up the camera
One of the multiple shots

It was already 9.30pm and our stomachs were starting to have concerts. We headed back to Jonker Walk to search for food and to buy some stuff. We also met Jenny and Joseph there. As usual, Jenny bought herself some ‘not three not four’ stuff. You know, stuff like fake cockroach and worms. And I bought a pair of magnetic earrings for RM10.
Getting more people at Jonker
My roots
Sing Ning must be very excited to see this!
Saw one lenglui
And also one leng jai

That’s all for Jonker, people.

Cuz it's time for my dinner. Ciao...


yeewei said...

haha..i think posing with tripod can be ur trademark d...

Jimmy said...

yea, i thought so =p

Jeanjean said...

how can they dyed hamster fur like that .... animal cruelty man...

stephene86 said...

how u know i c that pict will feel excited d =.=
u can read mind????? =)

Jimmy said...

haha. whenever see hamsters, will relate to u. u like them so much =p