Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Say Hello to Freedom

DO you guys (and girls) know what this is?

Have u seen this stuff before? No?

Trust me. I only found out about this yesterday.
Before explaining what it is. Let's me show you some pics first.

It has so many colour. See.
Comes with stripes = = =

And some even dots . . .

Behold fellow readers....

*drum rolls*







Let me present to you: C-string, the strapless underwear!

I'm sure you've heard of the G-string, V-string and the T-string, or T-back as commonly known.
Say goodbye to uncomfortable straps

Things are getting weirder and weirder these days huh. I can say that this is an underwear evolution. This new style of women lingerie looks almost like a hair band. The front part is like a normal style of G-string with a thin band running to the back - the ass.
No strings attached

So who can wear the C-string?
ANYBODY! It can be worn under any clothes from skirts to dresses and jeans. Unlike a G-string, you don't have to worry it to be shown through when wearing a tight trousers.

C-string is ideal for those who enjoys sunbathing but don't like the tan lines. Since it doesn't have straps, it allows you to enjoy the sun and give you much nicer and even tan.

How C-string will look like when it is put on the body?
Back. Wuu, sexy!

I am not sure whether the girls will feel comfortable wearing the piece of cloth which supports only from the buttocks.

But it does look sexy for me. Hehe.

Okay that's enough of photos. Otherwise I can hear people calling me pervert already. =p

So remember, no panty lines, no tan lines! ;)

But not for this rhino over here


jenny said...

aiyo...talk abt effective reader, im far more effective than u lo...hahaha...cuz i ady noe abt the c-string since ages ago... =.="

Jimmy said...

like this not right lo. know ady also dun wana share...

Jeanjean said...

pervert ! ham sup lou.

all you wanted to see is everything beneath the C- string la. haiyo...

Jimmy said...

well, it depends =p