Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Photoshoot @ Bintang

LAST night Nicholas looked for me to have dinner together. It’s been a while since we last met. He brought his friend Kenneth along. The initial plan was to meet up with our senior in Ampang Park and we would have meal together around that area. However it seemed that she had a meeting to attend therefore there was a slight change of plan.

Since we had no idea where to go, I suggested Thai cusine. I remember a place where Tiong brought me with Chiou Yann, Han Chee and Jenny few months back. So we took the LRT to Bukit Bintang and walked to the restaurant – Green Lotus.
Inside the restaurant
Meet Mr Nicholas
And that's me
With Kenneth (left) along

The restaurant is located in one of a shoplots at Jalan Walter Grenier, which is at the back of Lot 10 shopping mall. You may never realize there is a comfy place to hang out. A nice spot to bring your loved ones too. I personally like the Tom Yum soup there very much!!
 We ordered Mandalay and Chiang Mai set, which costs not more than RM20/set

After our meal, we went around snapping photos around Bukit Bintang area. First we headed to Pavilion, one of my favourite place in KL. Nice building, nice people, nice cinema, and what else? While I was happily posing for a shot, one security guard came to me...

Guard: Sini tak boleh pakai kaki.
Me: Huh? Kenapa?
Guard: Ini law...
Me: 0.o

The ‘kaki’ he was referring was actually Nicholas’ camera tripod. He talked to me nicely and so I didn’t screw him back. They didn’t allow us to take any photos using the kaki but luckily we managed to snap some earlier.
At the main entrance. My favourite!
Roll of ads
Moment of silence
LV across
Public facility

Next we crossed over the road to StarHill and continued snapping more pictures. Inside the gallery (since we only go there to SEE stuff and not able to afford buying anything) there are many nice restaurants with different themes and deco. The atmosphere inside is so pleasant. I swear to myself one day I am gonna dine in there, perhaps with that special someone. =)
CCTVs eyeing the LV bag
Inside StarHill
Rest stop
Too comfortable to even sleep in
The atrium and bubble lift
Jazz performers on stage
An alien in the light tunnel

So it was until almost 11pm that we decided to go back. LRT no open 24 hours.

Nightlifes of Bintang

ps: some photos courtesy of Nicholas' Ricoh camera


stephene86 said...

heez =))))0 bring me too la if can, i can be spotlight =)))

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hehe. no need spotlight la. be my date =)

nice guess!! said...

0.0 really?!!! hehe =)) then we curi curi go la. wahaha =D

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nice guest!: agree ;)

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