Monday, August 04, 2008

New Pet

JUST a moment ago I went to the Bazaarevo at FAB Square. It's a small event organised by the Architech society.

As usual, students from all year would have to sell things, used stuff, food etc. There were also some games and activities going on.
The stall that caught my attention was Su Wern and friends group. They sell many many junks stuff including printers, SLR lens, camping tent, books, OLAY stuff, compass, stationaries. All are used items.

And there are even a stall selling pirated DVD. This is illegal wei!!

Anyway for a RM10, this is what I got myself:
Tada!! A small aquarium with a peacock fish =)
And there are some free gifts:
A USB fan. Lousy. No wind one.
And colourful bulbs
Wow! Can prepare for Christmas already. Weee...

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