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Workbase Trip to Cameron

BEEN really busy lately for the final studio assignment. About ten drawings to be done...manually. We were given to choose between manual and computer. I chose to draw them by the old fashioned way because it might be our last chance during this five years architecture course. From second year onwards, we will have to do it all by computer.
Gotta sleep on the floor this time

What's even worse is that we are required to colour two of the drawings by WATERCOLOUR!! Oh God! After trying it out yesterday, I really suck at it! I have no talent and also no professional traning on using watercolour.
My designed house from computer image

Erm..I think the primary school kids are better than me


Anyway, here's an update on my workbase trip to Cameron Highlands on the last two weeks. Well, it was fun and the weather was cool. The trip was supposed to be our site visit for our final studio project but since our tutor had changed to site to Urban Forest (in JB), we went there as a field trip. Some of the 2nd year seniors followed us together.

Briefing before the journey

The bus leave the campus on Friday morning. Our first stop was my hometown, KL. As we entered KL, we were welcomed by its famous traffic jam. All the way from Sg Besi airport to Bukit Bintang.
It was raining and our destination was the Craft Complex located at Jalan Conlay, which is nearby to Bukit Bintang. There was an exhibition about Malaysian traditional arts and craft going on and we were given tasks to interview and to do research on them.

Rain~ rain~

At the Craft Complex

A lenglui playing gu zheng

I was in charge of traditional food and my assigned partner was Shika. Well, she did most of the interviewing as she is more familiar with the Malay tradition stuff while I just snapped photos.
"Adakah makcik excited melihat kita dua orang ni?"

Learning how to anyam ketupat
At night we walked to Bukit Bintang for our dinner. As there were non-chinese among the group, we ended up eating McDonald's. Then some of them went to buy a cake nearby.

We didn't have much time to walk and shop around due to time constrain. So we rushed back to the craft complex but waited there for almost an hour before the bus came to pick us at bout 11pm. #$&*^+_#!@...

Mana bus??
While on the highway, we gave Mr Fawaz, our tutor a suprise by celebrating his belated birthday in the bus. He was sleeping so we woke him up and showed him the cake that we bought earlier.
"Wat la, wake me up while just to blow one candle?!"

The birthday man

The journey up to Cameron was like a roller coaster ride. The driver was speeding as if he is Jay Chou in the Initial D movie. By the time we reached Brinchang town, it was about 3am. Then we stayed in the morning till the sun rise. Some went out to have some cool fresh air.

On the next morning, we washed and brushed our teeth at the Petronas station toilet since we haven't check in our hostel yet. After that, we a nice warm breakfast.

Next we went to Tanah Rata where we will checked in to our hostel. We reached there kinda early and only able to check in at 11am. So we went explored around the town.
The hostel we stay
The room we sleep

There was a 70 something year old Convent school located on top of a hill and there was a mini chapel inside. We were greeted by a sister and she showed our around the chapel and explained a little bit about the history of it.
Gothic style church
All of us were gathering for our first activity of the day as soon as we checked in the room. Mr Fawaz brief us on how to make a T-shirt print. We were then ask to deisgn our own after, with the given theme on nature.
"First of all, make sure you all wear a shirt"

Letting the paint to dry
And I did a very simple and lousy design. =/
Sun & Moon, which represents my name
In the evening, all of us were gatering and the bus brought us to Brinchang for night activities. There were a night market that night and we tried many food all along the way.

Jim, Vanessa, Jenny and I had steamboat for dinner. They charged us at RM12 person. It was nice to have steamboat at such a cold weather but we didn't manage to finish everything. Too full.Bought a strawberry, rose and chocolate ice cream on the way back to the bus. The ice cream guy even added some strawberries. The whole bus was waiting for four of us to return. Paiseh.

At night, we had workbases' performance. The 2nd year did some poem recitation and our workbase didn't have any idea until the very last minute. We decided to sing a song, a malay song. Then we had a very spontanous performance, a catwalk fashion show.

We wore the T-shirt that we design earlier and do some cat walk in front of the audiences.
The guys wear their own designed T-shirt

After the stupid activity, we went nearby for supper. Walked around Tanah Rata town but many of the shops were already closed as it was almost midnight. Not much night activities there.

Let's minum

The next morning, we went to the morning market at Kea Farm. It was just some distance up from Brinchang town. There were many tourists in that area as the Equatorial Hotel is just right beside it. You can find varieties of flowers, souveniors, strawberries, cactus etc. there.
Jenny, Jim and I shared to buy cactuses. Only RM10 for seven cactus.

BIG box of strawberries for only RM20

Our next visit was the Cactus Valley. There you can find alooooooooot of cactus with different kind of shapes and sizes. An entrance fees of RM3 was charged.
Once we entered inside..
We could see cactus
and cactus
more cactus
and more cactus
And even more cactus
This cactus has a very unique shape *Ouch*
Under the giant cactus

Next, we headed to the tea plantation. It is a must visit spot to in Cameron. You could see the whole valley is planted with tea plants and as we walked inside, the aroma of tea is so strong and nice.
You want tea? We HAVE tea

So nice
Like in Bollywood movies

Jenny, Jim, Vanessa and I had some bread and tea at the cafe, looking down the view of the valley. However we couldn't spend much time there as the bus driver started to rush us already.*^%!@#$*!\&....

It was time for us to leave Cameron, while on the way down. The driver stopped awhile at Lata Iskandar for us to visit its famous waterfall. There were also some stalls selling souverniors at the roadside. The weather there was not that cold anymore.

Took some photos and bought a comb of banana, one of my favourite fruit.

On the way down the hill, everbody was feeling tired and slept in the bus. Some were singing and playing the guitars. One of the member already mabuk.

Stopped at Tapah Rest Area for lunch then Restoran Jejantas Melaka for dinner. Met my parents there for awhile. They were on their way back to KL from Singapore.

Finally we got back to the campus at 12am Monday, about nine hours earlier than the schedule. First, we didn't get to visit some places in Cameron. And second, the driver speeds like nobody's business on the highway.

I feel lucky enough to arrive UTM, in one piece =)

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