Sunday, April 29, 2007

Going Solo

I hear different stories from different sides. Duno which is true and which is not. I am so confuse and not sure which is the REAL her. Hmm..what does she have in mind actually? Doesn't sound like I know her well enough. Yup..I admit that I was very mad at her the moment she said tat we should not move on. Imagine someone who gave u a chance but suddenly turn u down when u actually are doing the best to be with her. She says tat she needs some time to 'settle' something first. And it seems like it is all my fault. =(

However I still like her alot. It's not easy to just let go someone u like and someone u really thought tat u can hold on to it. She discussed bout her problems and reasons to me but I wasn't really in the mood. I then walked away just like that. I was mad and I can't control my temper at that moment but when im finally cool down im really really afraid to let go of her. Sounds weird huh.

Guess I am going to become a fool this time. Cz i've decided to wait............

and wait...........

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dissapointed with somebody

WAHLAO! how can u say tat to me. i was just began to accept and cope with u for the past few weeks. u say u wanted to try out, so i took the chance. and i believe we could make it. sadly, things never turn out how it wished to be. u let me down, dissapoint me, chance by chance. i always wanted the good one for u and i would like to see u happy with it. but u always turn the things upside down. so many excuses. so many reasons. if u cant afford to put ur heart down, then dun tok bout tis at the very beginning. im like hanging in the middle of nowhere now. yea, im quite disturb of wat u said. and im very dissapointed with it..


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How well do you know me?

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Singapore with Choon Wah

IT was Saturday. My coursemates and I decided to visit Singapore since our next and last paper is in days away. That would be Choon Wah and Vanessa first time there. The five of us took a bus to JB where we walked to the custom and board another bus to the neighbour country.

Our first stop was Bugis. We took the MRT there and had our lunch at Yoshinoya in Bugis Junction Complex. After the meal we walked around and do some shopping.
Girls shop and the guy wait

Bugis Junction

Then we went to Bugis Street which was just right next to it. It is like our Petaling street in KL but cleaner, bigger and cooler. And no VCD/DVD haram. Most of us bought a little something for ourself. Jenny and I bought a bag each. Vanessa bought a shirt and I don't know what Sim got for herself.

Bugis street

Next, we took the MRT to City Hall and walked to the Esplanade through the underground shopping mall. Esplande is an art and musical theater. Sometimes there also exhibits some artworks for the public.
Tunnel to the Esplanade

Tunnel Art

Some artwork display

Vanessa and Choon Wah tried out the Chocz's ice-cream which cost them S$4 each. We took some photos outside the Esplanade overlooking Marina Bay and the city of Singapore.
Ice cream with red wine
Group pic
The city
The Esplande = Durian
It rained for awhile, which made the weather cool. We walked across a bridge to the Merlion and the Fullerton Hotel side to snap some photos. Sim wanted to have dessert so badly so we stopped under the bridge for some drinks and rest awhile.

The Esplande Bridge
The Merlion
A new attraction coming up soon - the Ferris Wheel
Some drinks and rest underneath the bridge
At the Merlion, there were a lot of tourists: Ang mohs, Koreans, Veitnamese, Chinese etc. And there was this group of university students from Korea and Jenny got hook up with one of the handsome Korean.
Vanessa, Jenny, Choon Wah and Sia Fern Me, Jenny and Vanessa
The koreans Merlion = Mermaid + Lion
Next, we entered the 5 star Fullerton Hotel to have a look of its inside. From the exterior it looks like a old coloniol building but inside the hotel it was very exclusive with nice furnishing, ligthing, enviroment and so on. I wonder how much will it be charged for one night. It was too nice untli the girls even took some pics in the washroom.
The Fullerton Hotel
As if we are staying in there
One of the bridges nearby
With the kids
Kampung people in big city
After 'visiting' the hotel, we walked along the Singapore River, passing Boat Quay and Clark Quay. Along the way, there were nice bronze statue/sclupture for us to take photo and make fun with.
Walk along the Singapore River
Boat Quay
Meet some people
Having some fun time with them
But having some communication problem
Some people can't control herself
Beauty on the underneath as well
Some pics
In Clark Quay
After a long tiring walk along the river, we took MRT to our final stop, Orchard Road. Had our dinner at Orchard Cineleisure. Then enjoy the night scene of the Orchard and shopped around Wisma Atria. We didn't buy anything because all of us have no money to spend already.
Ommelette noodle with cheese for dinner
We left Orchard around 8pm and took the MRT back to Kranji where we board the bus back to Johor. All of us got tired after a whole day of walking and snapping photos but we will come back again some other time during our five years of stay in UTM. Some interesting places yet to explore...