Sunday, June 05, 2011

Diary of a Form 3 Kid

I was tidying and clearing junks in my room this afternoon and I stumbled across an old diary which I kept during my school days. It's not really a daily type of dairy but I would write/draw/scribble any rubbish inside. And to use it to cure my boredom when the teacher is teaching in front.

Here is a short recorded moments which I found on some pages. This was in Form 3 when we still had nothing much to worry but PMR.

27th July 2001
Today Shao Jin and Alvin Leong called each other stupid. Then I laughed when Shao Jin asked for his pen. One of my page from my maths book came out. Shao Jin sings like a frog. I look back on what I have written, and smiled. Shao Jin as usual copied my answers as I continued doing my questions. I’m so boring and blurred out… What is this question asking? I decided to call teacher. Mr Loo passed the class. Yes!! I finally did it… My class is so noisy! On my left, there is a bunch of guys talking about…VCD, girls etc. While the guy in front of me, Alex, keep walking around the class, talking and laughing with other friends and draw a picture on the white board. What is even worse, Sinnta is sleeping zzz… 3E is so boring…

SUDDENLY, Wei Hoong show teacher a handphone. Oh my God. That’s stupid, Wei Hoong. Teacher will report it to our class teacher. No, to Pn Ramah. No no, to Mr Loo and he is going to confiscate it. Again, this teacher JUST DON’T CARE, or in other term: ‘SLUMBER’

RING…! The bell has rang and the teacher is gone. The class is becoming noisier and noisier. Here comes Joel, He is asking for my telephone number. When I say ‘603’ he asked what’s that. Alex laughed at him and called him stupid. When I show this dairy to Alex. He laughed and gave me back the book.

Now what? Shao Jin is sleeping. Suddenly he woke up and said ‘Sarimah’. He doesn’t want to do the work which was given to him. Everybody is booking to go to the toilet when a car crash… teacher asked me to throw the rubbish but I ‘mubs’ lar… Everybody is talking crab..what is the answer for this stupid question. ‘Walanyeh’ comes out from Shin Keat mouth. And suddenly I heard about ‘cake’. Joel and Jian Fai talking about ‘cake’. And suddenly change to ‘banana’. Hey guys, you know what are they talking bout larr, right? On my front, there is a guy name Alex which is the ‘8 kong’ in the class. He always walking around and talking here and there to ‘find some business’ to do. But now, miracle, he just sitting there and do his homework. Everyone is so ‘serious’ doing their kefahaman. Take a look at Tuck Chun. Normally he’s always chit-chatting with Man Kiat. And now, both of them are thinking the question. Looks like they are preparing to score 7As in their PMR. Looks like the noise is starting again.. Shin Keat is asking stupid questions.. Alvin is asking me for answers. Alvin Leong…… What a ‘tut…’ ‘girl’.

Pn Jamilah say ‘kalau tidak ada pasang kipas cakap panas, sekarang ada kipas kata sejuk.’ Then Joel ask for PJ but teacher disallow. Shao Jin asking teacher to give answers…he’s bitting the pen and write the answers. Pn Sarah didn’t come. ‘Yes, yes……’ Everyone now is walking around Lup Kee said that ‘Guru ganti’ is Pn Ramah. Everyone is gathering at Perry's place when Joel passed the handphone to Galvin. It started to rain. Tho asks me for his liquid but it was in his bag. What a peaceful day. Jian Fai feel angry because Shao Jin conteng the paper he needed for the interact class. Actually, I also contect some. Kasihan Shao Jin.

3rd Oct 2001
13 days left to PMR. Now we are having Geography. Pn Siti is teaching but no one understands. Everybody is drowning and soo blur. Only Kee Guan is still aktif. Ying Khai shoots Tao Payoh and he scores. The bells rings, I wonder who’s coming in next?

A teacher comes in, when the class wants to greet her. She ask to hold on… and scold us!

4th Oct 2001
12 days left. 2 periods of PJ really is tiring… Now we are having a math test and that’s even worse. What’s next?! Oh no! Now we have KH test. The bell rings, it’s time for recess and after that, back to KH for more test. Ah finally the last 2 periods of the day but it is BM and Jamilah comes in. She asks us to use the book we bought by force. Alvin is really killing me. Such simple questions.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Actually I also know how to do the question that Alvin asked me. I just wanna ‘test’ him only. After that , Alex come and look at what I’ve written, he then laugh. Alex brought a bible to school, he show Collins and Sze Ping something in it. And there is something that he don’t want to show them. Still got what? About S2 (Siew Siew) one lorr.. Aiyah.. it’s so boring. Shao Jin suddenly ask me a question and then Wei Loong menyampuk. Celeka punya budak. Shao Jin is so irritating. I think I must split my table from his. What kind of polygon notes is this? Why is the time so slow. One of my notes is missing and Alvin asked me to ask Mr Lai to come for tuition 2-4. Alvin think he is so smart. He still asked questions! Ha! Ha! Ha! I gave this to Alvin to read. He laughed :D

5th Oct 2001
11 days left to the war – PMR. The war that we have to suffer for 4 fays and we took 3 years to plan the strategies. After this war, we’ll be free like a bird. Nelly said, we’ll be like a bird and we’ll only fly away.

11th Oct 2001
5 days left…

12th Oct 2001
PMR…4 days left

21th May 2002

Ah, what a high school life I had!

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