Friday, December 20, 2013

The Coffee Girl

Well it was just another Friday morning. I took the usual train to work, alighted at the usual station and walked to get my breakfast from the bakery shop inside a building not far away. Many shops were not opened, except for some eateries and coffee shop. I walked pass them and headed across to the 24 hours supermarket to see if there is anything to grab as I was catching a flight home for the weekend. Spending not more than 10 minutes inside, I grabbed some strawberries from the fruit section and a packet of almond nuts before proceeding to the cashier for payment.

To my surprised, a familiar figure appeared right before me while I was about to queue on the second cashier from the magazine section. She was not in her usual working outfit, wearing a black shirt and her black framed spectacles. I heard she mumbled something once she noticed me. She looked cute with her small face and the smiley eyes as always.

I was stunned for a few miliseconds and couldn't believe whom I've just met. And judging by her surprised-looking face I supposed she didn't much expect to bump into me in such an early morning. She made a light smile and looked embarrassed, before quickly proceeded to the last cashier at the end. 

To be continued...

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