Friday, April 28, 2006

Pilot Visits

Yesterday our friend, Alvin Tung came to join us for lunch. Khong Jin followed along too. He has been away for so long. Alvin has just graduated from the MAS Flying Acedamy (I think that's the name for it) and he'll be start working (or flying) on May 5th. How cool is that!

Collins went to other place to eat as he was not feeling well. Gilbert did not join us (Me, Sharon, Chin, Alvin & Khong Jin) for lunch too. So we went to KFC to try out the new recipe. All of us ordered the Chicken Chop Set except for Khong Jin. He ordered the 2 pieces chicken set. I think he always cannot control, want to be the SPECIAL one. Haha!
It's finger lickin' good
After lunch we went outside KLCC to take some shots with Alvin. By the time we went back to the office we were about 15 minutes late. Khong Jin said that if anything happen just mention his name to our supervisor.
L-R: Chin, Alvin, Sharon, Me, Khong Jin
I was chatting with Lee Peng in MSN and when she saw the picture in my display. She said that five of us (4 guys with the girl in the middle) look like F4 and Shan Chai from the Taiwanese drama show, Meteor Garden. Haha. So what do you think?
L-R: Vic, Ken, S, Vaness, Jerry
After work at 7pm, Chin, Sharon and I went MidValley to get a birthday gift to our colleague as this coming Saturday is her big day. After walking and wandering from Ground floor to the Third floor, we finally found something for her. Hopefully Chui Ling will like it! =)
Meanwhile, there was a fashion show event going on the centre court. Didn't really see it because too many people were blocking the view. So just took a shot of it.

Reached home around 9.30pm. Had dinner, bathed, onlined then Zzz...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Uni Interview + Test

PREVIOUSLY I chose University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)'s Bachelor Degree of Architecture as the first choice for my local university course.

A week ago I received a letter from (UTM), asking me to go for an interview and a test on yesterday.

So took a day leave from work yesterday (Wed). Although I did not have to go to the office but yet I had to wake up earlier than I usually do.

Went to school in the morning to meet up with Tan Choon Wah. He also received the same letter as I did. Both of us got our drawings (we have to show our art works during the interview) certified by Mr Wong, our MBS school principal. We also saw Chin and Gilbert in the school.

Actually we were not suppose to get this thing done on the very last minute. However Mr Wong is a nice guy. He spent his time on us despite that he had a meeting with the teachers on that time.

After that Choon Wah's dad fetched us to UTM (KL Campus, not Johor!) and we reached there at 8am.

We walked around the university compund. Well, abit dissapointed to see that some of the area were not up to the standard from what I had in mind. Many students were doing revision and discussion on the park. Looked like they were going to have their exam.

Anyway, then we went to the waiting area outside Dewan Jumaah and when it reached 8.30am, a guy came and asked all the candidates (27 of us: 20 malays, 7 chinese) to enter the hall.

Test papers were already on the table when we walked in the hall. We took our seats and then starter the one hour test. Basically the questions required us to draw stuffs like perspective, shadow etc. There were also some question about art and design.

During the test I noticed that there were only two lefthander and they were also the ONLY chinese guys in the hall: Choon Wah and I.

After the test it was the interviewing session! The candidates were called out by their names in alphabetical order.
And my surname is Tan. I was the last 7th -_-"

While waiting for our turn, Choon Wah showed me his wonderful piece of art! His drawings were almost like REAL! As if it was printed out from a high quality printer. It will be big a waste if he doesn't get selected for the course.

Choon Wah's drawing

My drawing

Haha. Just kidding. This is mine actually.
After waiting for about two and a half hours after the test, they finally called me in for the interview.
During the interview there was a guy and a lady. Basically they just looked at my drawings and certs. Then asked me some basic questions like why do I choose architecture, what are my hobbies, which architect I admire the most etc etc.
Before the interview, I heard from others that they asked them IQ questions. Eg, how a blind can tell the time without touching and hearing. Stuff like that.
The interview didn't take me for long compares to the others. Feeling abit worried. Either I totally do not have the potential at all or, I am too perfect already. =p

After everything was over, Choon Wah and I waited outside the UTM entrance to wait for his dad. His dad fetched me to KLCC and then fetched him back home.

Met up with Sharon, Wai Luen, Collins and Gilbert outside Maxis Tower and went for lunch at Wisma Central. However Collins did not join us as he was feeling sick. He went to eat vegetarian food on other place.

All of a sudden while eating...I had gastric! DAMN!!!

After the lunch we went to Maxis Center to lepak for awhile until their lunch break finished. Trying to tahan my pain in the stomach. Later went up to office (hoping not to bump with my supervisor) to collect my earphone that I left there a day before and refilled my water bottle before going back home.

It rained so heavily when I reached Pandan Indah station. Couldn't walked home although I had an umbrella. So had to wait until the thunderstorms stop and the rain wasn't so heavy.

Pandan Indah Swimming Pool LRT Station
NO DIFFERENCE! By the time I reached my doorstep, my leather shoe already soaked with water and my hair, shirt, pants was half wet. Blame the holes on my umbrella and the flood on the road!!!! Bloody... *&^%$#@!

Dried myself up and took a 3 hours nap. My stomach was still paining! =/

At night after dinner, followed my parents to the Tmn Connaught pasar malam. It claims to be the country's longest night market. It was my parents' first time and my 2nd time there.
Back at 11 something. Ate some supper that we bought. Then went to sleep.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I Am Back! ...for now

JIT ming is still doing fine here. The last post on my blog was exactly a month ago! Gosh, it's been a looooong while I have not been blogging. Sorry for the delay. I was too busy with work. And very tired! I have some interesting stuff that I wanted to post earlier but I just couldn't have the time and the Uhm! to do it.

Currently my everyday life is just wake up -> shower -> go to work -> start work -> lunch break -> continue work -> go home -> eat -> shower -> sleep
And it's repeating everyday (except for Saturdays and Sundays).
Welcome to Maxis!
Even on some Saturdays and public holiday I have to go back to work. Not that it is a very interesting job I there. Everyday we just sit and face the monitor screen and type numbers on the keyboard. You can imagine how boring data entering is! But what can I do not just fall from trees or sky.
My place is where the chair is located
I am currently working in Maxis Communication on the 16th floor of Maxis Tower. From the office I have a great view of KLCC park and its surrounding. This is what I like the most! Hehe.
Residence K building under construction
Mandarin Oriental Hotel and KLCC Convention Center
Avenue K
Basically my boring job is to verify the 012/017 prepaid numbers registered by YOU GUYS! Just to check whether if YOU GUYS are resigtered or not.
First I have to take a box full of registration forms
Then look and check at the infomation written on the form
Type the mobile number
And check if it is already in the system
Stack up the all forms before they are collected to be scanned
There is a never ending task. Everyday boxes of forms are delivered to the office. From 8 in the morning until 7 at night we are doing this freaking-non-stop-entering-numbers-thingy. And it seems that there are ONLY ONE over SIX millions prepaid users who had their numbers registered so far.
Can YOU GUYS ppppplease register only when I resign from this job, which is in the end of May if you like to know... =p