Monday, January 31, 2011

Pilot vs Architect

EARLY of the month I was surfing AirAsia's website and I noticed they are recruiting for cadet pilot position. So without much hesitation I quickly sent an application with an attachment of my CV and SPM results. After that I didn't really put much hope in it as I am still one semester away in completing my degree.

It was until Jan 19th when David (who applied the cadet position too) informed me about receiving an email from AirAsia and so I checked my inbox.

In the email it is stated that I have to attend a Stage 1 exam which falls on the third day of CNY. The timing of the exam is already a test itself. There will be three papers to be assessed on that day: Maths, Physics and English.

So David and I have to flip back some SPM revision books to refresh our memories. It's been 7 years since we finished our Form 5. How to determine the force when a mass of 2kg falls from above with an acceleration of 5kgms2? And what is the calculation of an inverse matrics?

Ohm's Law, Snell's Law, Fleming's rule all those craps
From what I checked out in the forum, it shows that out of 3000+ application online, 700 were selected for the Stage 1 exam and out of the 700 candidates, only 20 pilots will be chosen in the end. Those selected will be sent to a flying academy in Canada for training earliest by April. Gosh, isn't that a bit too rush?

Nah anyway I'm just going to give it try. Besides, becoming a pilot was one of my dream and who knows, one day, I might be doing architecture in the sky. Haha.


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