Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ticket Finishing (Soon)!

SO I've finally made my booking for the upcoming MACC (Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedian) Chinese New Year show!

Supposedly I was hoping to get 2 tickets for the Jan 29th night show but as the position of the seats were quite limited, therefore I ended up getting the noon show at 3pm. This is the consequence of buying the ticket late.

The 9pm show: left those single seats at the end corner
 If you haven't get yourself a ticket, visit here to do so. Seats are very limited now. 

The comedy show will start today until the 29th, with Kuah Jenhan, Douglas Lim and Phoon Chi Ho as the jokers on stage. This will be my third time catching them perform after the Timeout Thursday show and the JB Art Festival.

Anyway, here is one of its commercial:

Know what? Jenhan is actually one of my junior from high school and Douglas was my friend's English language teacher in her school last time!

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