Sunday, November 06, 2005

Bless Me

SHORT version
Wake up (11) -> house chores -> brunch (2) -> tired -> study (till slept) -> wake up (7+) -> on9/tv -> study (pik/lok hse) -> yamcha (12) -> zzz (+sick)

Long version
Yesterday was a tough and tiring day. Woke up at about 11am, did some house chores then had my brunch at 2pm. The sun was extremely BIG which made the weather extremely HOT. When reached home, I quickly turned on the air-con in the room and study under it without the shirt on. Halfway through studying I felt asleep. When woke up, it was 7 something and the sky was already dark. Turned on the computer and watched TV at the same time until Perry called for group study. Took my bath then he fetched me and Kai Pyn to Pik Shen/Kah Lok's house at 9pm. I ta pao a wan tan mee there as I had not taken my dinner yet. We studied for about 2 hours and that time I can felt the sign--the flu was coming.

Later Kai Pyn suggested to have Roti Cheese Naan for supper so we headed to Steven's Corner in Pandan Indah. Called along Jian Fai, Yee Mei and Randy. I ordered a Roti Tisu which then asking people to help me finish it. At that place I was sneezing non-stop, tissues all around, head feeling pain and my face was turning red. I knew I was having a bad flu again. Perry sent me to the hospital home after that and I went straight to bed. I hate flu!

*Ahhh chooooo...*
...excuse me


~apriL~ said...

Get well soon. (^-^)

s0hp0h said...

eh? blogging a lot lately? lolz.. this is what u get if u think u r so strong to be under the air-con half-naked.. haha.. hope u get better asap.. and all da best in wed!