Saturday, November 05, 2005


TODAY is the third night I am staying alone at home. My family went to Singapore for vacation and will only be back on Sunday. I didn't follow because STPM is on next week and I have to stay at home studying. There are so many more to study and I really cannot imagine how well can I do in the exams. Sigh.

Anyway, I did study (but not much) in this few days. Yesterday morning I cooked Maggi Mee+egg for breakfast. Noon, I had chicken rice outside. About 2 something Perry and I went to Pik Shen/Kah Lok's house to revise for our General Paper 2. Then at night went to eat alone in a hawker centre. After that went to Jian Fai's house to study abit. Randy, Yee Mei, Chia Sheng and Perry were also there. I din't study much because Pontianak was showing on TV and we were also busying looking and laughing at some of the photos in his room. Randy and Jian Fai were playing Dota too. How can I make myself to be in a study mood? Around 12 something we went to Tsim Tung Restaurant to have a drink and meet some friends (Shao Jin, Hon-En, Chin Hwa and others)

This morning I prepared Koko Crunch+HL Milk for my breakfast. Then my itchy hands turned on the computer. For lunch, I made myself a French Toast which I got the inspiration from Tsim Tung Restaurant. Unfortunately it came out differently from what I expected. Then my neighbour came over to use my computer for her assignment. I played piano then watched TV for awhile before falling asleep on the sofa. When I woke up its already six and my neighbour had left. (She is just staying right behind my house)

Then went to Tsim Tung Restaurant again, with Pik Shen, Kah Lok and Perry for dinner. I ordered a Cheese Baked Rice with Chicken Wing. Kah Lok who was sitting in front of me kept on looking at my food so I gave him some cheese. After the dinner they came my house to study. Kai Pyn joined too. At about 12 something they left and I am feeling lonely again.

There are many things to be done tomorrow (Saturday). I have to wash and dry the clothes. Then sweep and mop the floor. After that decide on what to eat. And of course...STUDY!!Aaarrghh!! I hope this 23 days will pass as soon as possible then I'll be free (not as in F.O.C.) like a bird

PS: I did not take and post any photos because the camera is currently enjoying its time in Singapore. I miss my Olympus =(


Nicholas Kau said...

Oh don't feel so lonely. You still got God, got ME !!! and friends...

s0hp0h said...

FOC?? free of charge??? lolz.. koko crunch.. YUM.. i havent had cereal in like years.. lolz..
oo.. french toast can self make wna meh?? nvr knew dat... cos it looks quite hard in a way...
yealo yealo.. not only got God, got nicholas, got frens.. oso got GHOSTT.. hahaa.. jkla.. lolz..
all da bets in studying ler.. i need to go back study oso.. sighed.. but only for few more weekS.. then its over.. and holiday holiday.. GREATT.. so study HARD!!