Sunday, October 30, 2005

What's Inside

AFTER the birthday dinner and celebration, there were some people asking me:

"Hey, wat u got for ur birthday?"
"Eh, tat day they give u the present, wat's inside ar?"
'Open and see the present la.'
Hei, got how many presents? Can share with me?
'Tell la. Show me wat u got tat day?'

I did receive birthday wishes via SMS and MCS (Mouth Communication Service), cards and presents from friends. Some I received early. Most of them on that day. And there were some of them who told me that they will give it to me after the STPM exams. Hmm...

Anyway, here are some of the presents that I received:

This t-shirt from Body Glove is from Pik Shen, Mei Shan, Bee Kee and Lai Kuan.


This is from Chia Sheng and Siew Ki. A nice orange colour T-Shirt.


Another t-shirt, from Perry, Shao Jin, Wai Luen, Chin Hwa and Wen Wen. Noticed what it says?


A pouch from Jian Fai, Sharon, Wen Chi and Pauline. I spent the longest time opening this present compare to the others...

...and this is the reason why.


To my suprise, Khong Jin, Prisaana, Yee Mei and Randy gave a set of Winter Sonata VCD! I actually thought of buying that since a long time ago.


Marc's bookmark present. It is actually made of wood and the buildings patterns on it were sculptured by using laser.


My FIRST EVER underwear gift, from Kah Lok and Kai Pyn. I wonder did they try it first. By the way it is 100% cotton.


Another underwear, from Nicholas and Lee Keng. With this Fire Fighter triangular-shaped pants I can help to put off fire without fail at anytime, anywhere.


Yi Yang gave me the book Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins. He attended Anthony's seminar in Australia and found it quite effective. I seriously need LOTS of power for my exams this time.


Toblerone from Ernest. Need me to explain more?


Finally, candies from Collins, Yuen Cheong, Saha, Taw Jin, Lup Kee, Choon Teng and Pauline (again). However there was something very odd standing among them.

I'll keep it for emergency. Thanks.


s0hp0h said...

HAHAHAHAHA.. dman funny la.. TWO UNDERWEAR?? boy.. mayb they peep into ur closet or climb the fence and look at ur cloth hanger or sumthing.. how the hell they now u r deficit of those?? my goodness.. lolz..

Nicky said...

Good presents you got. Lots of underwear. Should have got you a set of underwears so that you can wear them from Monday till Sunday.

~apriL~ said...

hey...quite a lotz of presents ler..not bad bout parents arr?btw,d gift my daddy brought s oso shared wif sharon and wen chi wan ler... ^-^

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday <3

- FFF ;p -

MaS said...

dude .... dun use dat condom .... i think expired already .... i know cos i use to buy it for birthday as well wan ...